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Mobile gamers will no longer have Total War Battles: Shogun all to themselves. Sega has released the iOS real-time strategy game through Steam for the PC and Mac.

In Battles, players vie for supremacy in medieval Japan. They'll build up their territories, raise armies, and then send their forces into the field. In that sense, it's very similar to the PC-only Total War games.

However, Battles' combat system is dramatically different. The combat plays out on a Hexagonal tile board, with a small number of unit types. Your troops cannot be moved backwards after moving forward once.

It's a bit ballsy to release Battles on the PC and Mac. It's designed principally for the mobile market in that it's very streamlined and accessible. By putting it on Steam, Sega is setting up a side-by-side comparison between this game and the traditional PC entries. Will traditional Total War fans find the changes to the usual formula acceptable?

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