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Even though Need for Speed: Most Wanted from Criterion Games has yet to release, EA is already hiring for next year's iteration, which will be powered by DICE's Frostbite 2.0. The “help wanted” signal is flashing outside of EA's Gothenburg studio in Sweden.

Gamerzines picked up on the news, but I have no idea how they managed to find that out given that there's no way they could have just known...maybe they were looking for new employment and spotted the opening on EA's page?

Anyway, EA employment page states that...
Would you like to be a part of EA? Would you like to work on a game in the Need for Speed franchise? You now have the opportunity to become a part of EA Gothenburg and fulfill those two wishes! We are hiring, and we are hiring a lot!

And by “hiring a lot!” they really do mean it. There's a huge list of open positions, from VFX artist to audio engineer, to a producer and even a QA analyst. Just about every position you could imagine required to make a full game is looking to be filled.

Of course, EA has yet to release Most Wanted so there's no telling what the newest game will be called, but if we're sticking to rehashes and re-releases, I'm guessing we're either do up for another entry into Underground or a redo of Carbon. I'd love to play a new NFS: Underground but EA has been so crazy lately with content restriction and DLC I'm almost afraid it'll turn out like the pay-to-win, pay-for-every-customization-part Need for Speed World.

You can check out the jobs page over at the official EA website.