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Like the trailer music in the video above? Well it was composed and produced by two well known names in the media entertainment industry. Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer worked together on the soundtrack to the new game, Beyond: Two Souls, which is written and directed by David Cage. The game is about as close to an interactive movie as you can get without having to pay $18 to sit in a theater and listen to a fat guy burp his way through the film while smacking on Snickers and slurping down a coke the way gaming journalists munch on Doritos and gulp down Mountain Dew.

The trailer is barely over a minute and basically sums up the core elements of Beyond: Two Souls for people who do know what to expect from the French-Canadian auteur, as well as give players a sound understanding that they aren't going in to play Mirror's Edge or Dwarf Fortress. In other words, control over the outcome of the game is extremely limited to key QTE moments and you won't have to play finger-Twister like the aforementioned games in order to do cool stuff.

Basically the game follows Jody (Ellen Page) as she develops over time, joins the CIA and stops terrorists with her super-telekinetic ability called “Aiden”. Majority of the “gameplay” (if you really want to call it that, I would prefer to call it player-driven movie directing) is handled by taking control of Aiden and basically trolling people on trains, trolling people on planes, and trolling people in houses. You're basically like that annoying dude from that book Green Eggs and Ham... except, you can force people to shoot themselves and blow themselves up, so you're like if the Green Eggs and Ham dude had Carrie's super powers.

Anyway, players will troll (or assist) Jody in saving the world, going over and beyond the call of duty to face a battlefield of SWAT, ghosts and other adversaries as the CIA continues to act as a watch dog over everything that Jody does. But don't worry, it's not all about running and being scarred because Elli – oops, I mean, Jody, puts on her big girl pants and adopts an assassin's creed for all those who get in her way: Use Green Eggs and Ham Carrie to kill whoever gets on her peevy side.

If the game sounds like your kind of interactive movie thrill-ride, you can pick it up right now exclusively for the PlayStation 3 because the game launched today for $59.99. You can also check out Jodie's theme courtesy of composer Lorne Balfe and producer Hans Zimmer.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official Beyond: Two Souls website.

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