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GTA 5 players are going to have trouble playing multiplayer over the next few days. Rockstar Games is planning to take down the servers for GTA Online to perform maintenance.

"We will be performing Rockstar Cloud Service maintenance during four windows from 6/7/14 to 6/11/14," the studio said on their support site. "Grand Theft Auto Online will be temporarily unavailable during some of this period, and Social Club website login and Crew content display may not be available."

"Players attempting to access GTA Online or save to Rockstar Cloud during these windows may experience error messages stating that Rockstar Cloud Services are unavailable. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience."

Here are the times that the GTA Online servers will go down:
  • Early Saturday morning, June 7 between 12:00 a.m. (ET) and 4:00 a.m. (ET).
  • Sunday evening, June 8 from 11 p.m. (ET) to 5 a.m. (ET) Monday, June 9.
  • Tuesday morning, June 9 starting at 1 a.m. (ET). Completion time TBD.
  • Wednesday morning, June 11 starting at 2 a.m. (ET). Completion time TBD.
The optimist in me thinks that this maintenance is preparation for the release of online heists. Rockstar has been teasing that feature since last fall. They indicated that they'd release co-op heists for GTA Online in the spring. Maybe they're doing a last-minute check of the servers before pushing out this update?

There's a good chance that heists will be out in June. Rockstar has released a major content update every month since February: St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Business, Capture Mode Creator, and High Life. If heists are really the next item on Rockstar's agenda, they should be out this month.

The maintenance shouldn't be taken as a sign that heists are on the verge of release, though. Rockstar needs to keep the servers running smoothly regardless of whether they're planning to launch another DLC pack. Reading too far into it is just going to give everyone false hope.

It's too optimistic to expect Rockstar to surprise us with GTA Online heists right after maintenance is over. They typically announce the release date and details for a new update well in advance of launch. The studio's still tight-lipped about heists, though. Here's what they said when asked about them earlier today:

Next week could still be exciting for GTA 5 players. There's a chance that Rockstar could reveal Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game during E3.

Will GTA Online heists be released this month?

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