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Rockstar will be celebrating the release of the "I'm Not A Hipster" Update for GTA Online in the usual fashion: with a special weekend event. GTA Online players will be able to earn exclusive rewards from Friday to Sunday.

The "I'm Not a Hipster" weekend will offer three in-game, vintage t-shirts to players. One will be given out each day, in order to encourage players to log in throughout the weekend:
  • Friday June 20th - The classic Bitch’N Dog Food tee - your favorite pet food brand since your halcyon days back in Liberty City.
  • Saturday June 21st - Show your friends that you're willing to pay more for music that sounds worse, with the Vinyl Countdown tee.
  • Sunday June 22nd - Pick up the Homies Sharp tee - perfect attire for those lazy and hazy daze with your Crew.
The t-shirts will be available in your inventory as soon as you log in on that day. Clothes stores throughout Los Santos will have it in stock as well.

Like previous GTA Online events, the "I'm Not a Hipster" weekend gives a temporary boost to progression. The special I'm Not a Hipster Event Playlist, featuring many of the new Jobs from the update, awards twice the normal amount of GTA$ through the weekend. Three new Gang Attacks in Mirror Park, Chumash and East Vinewood will give three times the normal RP reward and four twices the usual GTA $ bonus. Killstreaks and headshots in Deathmatch Jobs will award twice the usual amount of RP. The bet limit for all Jobs, meanwhile, has been raised to $10,000 - which could help or hinder your progression, depending on how much you suck.

Loot crates will be airlifted to Los Santos' "most painfully hip locations." Mirror Park is one of the dropzones mentioned by Rockstar. These crates contain sticks of cash along with miniguns, sticky bombs and other toys.

The stereotypical hipster is obsessed with Instagram, so Rockstar is hosting a contest for the GTA 5 equivalent Snapmatic this weekend. Players are encouraged to send in their best in-game photos that feature the "I'm Not A Hipster" content.

"We're looking for your best costs-a-fortune-to-look-broke outfits; effortlessly artful poses with your disaffected Crewmates next to your fleet of Glendales, Blades and other brand new vehicles; and anything else that proves you are definitely, absolutely (not) a hipster," the development team said on Rockstar Newswire.

Rockstar also wants players to express themselves through GTA Online's Content Creator. The best Races, Deathmatches and Captures to highlight the update will get recognized as well.

Entries for either contest must be tagged #IMNOTAHIPSTER in Rockstar Social Club and submitted before Sunday. The winners of the contest will get $1 million in in-game cash. They'll also receive a HIPSTER license plate for their vehicles.

The last contest doesn't require you to log into GTA Online at all. Simply head to the Social Club events page for a chance to enter the "I'm Not A Hipster" sweepstakes. Five gamers chosen at random will receive prize packs containing a Los Santos Trucker Hat, Republican Space Rangers & Trevor Philips Industries Tees and the GTAV Zippo Lighter. Ten others will get a t-shirt and sticker.

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