Codemasters announced a new game in the Overlord series today. Rather than making Overlord 3, though, they decided to create a co-op spin-off called Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

In Fellowship of Evil, the last Overlord is dead and the forces of good have essentially taken over the realm. The gremlin-like minions have resurrected four "Netherghuls" to restore chaos and destruction to the Netherworld as well as the world above. Players can team up as these warriors locally or online. Here's a brief run-down of each character:
  • The brutal Inferna, legendary warrior, crushed in aggressive altercations with rock trolls.
  • Devilish necromancer Malady who extinguished her own life in return for a nefarious dark curse.
  • Dwarven rogue Hakon and dark elf Prince Cryos – killed by each other’s hand. A two-for-one evil bargain!
While Overlord: Fellowship of Evil moves the focus toward co-op, you can still play solo if you wish. Plus, you'll still have underlings to command.

"The blues will do their best to keep your blackened heart beating; the greens will sneak up behind your enemies and poison them, while it seems the reds now show little disregard for their own safety and I’m starting to wonder if providing them with explosives was a good idea!" Codemasters says of the minions that will assist players. "Finally we have the browns; they will… well… let’s just say the browns are the browns."

One other major change to the usual Overlord formula is the camera. Fellowship of Evil uses an isometric perspective rather than the usual over-the-shoulder camera. The result is that the game looks more like Diablo 3 or Path of Exile and less like the previous games.

Nonetheless, Codemasters is taking steps to ensure that this feels like a "true" Overlord game. They've brought back series writer Rhianna Pratchett to pen the story. Marc Silk will once again lend his voice to Gnarl, the leader of the minions.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will be released digitally on PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year.

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