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The PlayStation Plus games for November 2015 have been announced, offering six new titles for subscribers to Sony’s premium online service to dive into at no cost on top of the annual subscription. Get ready for some zombies, misfired spells, space operas and invisible creature catching.

Since next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of November, we knew that the PlayStation Plus lineup for the month had to be announced sometime this week. Folks were getting a bit antsy though and, as of yesterday, Sony announced they were still finalizing the roster.

The list of Plus titles was finally announced today, though, including the usual dose of two games per PlayStation console.

If you’re gaming on the PlayStation 4 this holiday season, you’ll be able to pick up the second season of Telltale Games’ superb The Walking Dead, as well as a game that makes getting spells wrong just as much fun as getting spells right, Magicka 2.

The PS3 crowd will be plenty busy next month with a pair of big games including the HD remake of Beyond Good & Evil, as well as Mass Effect 2Beyond Good & Evil, last time I checked, doesn’t allow you to flip the Y-axis. Not a big issue for the majority of gamers but, for those of us who just have to be different, it’s a real bummer.

Finally, for those of you with a PlayStation Vita, the highly-anticipated indie RPG Dragon Fin Soup will be up for grabs, alongside Invizimals. The former will be available as a cross-buy title for all three consoles while we’re not sure if the latter is the original PSP version of the game or the much more recent Vita incarnation.

The following trailer for November’s Plus games is oddly lacking in PlayStation 3 and Vita content, only showing off the pair of games coming to the PlayStation 4. So here’s how The Walking Dead: Season 2 and Magicka 2 look in action, in case you’re curious.

So what are we thinking of this month’s lineup, folks? Maybe it’s not the best collection of Plus games to come around but, again, it’s not like anyone is paying an astronomical amount of money to gain access to them. There’s also some pretty heavy hitters in the mix, assuming you haven’t played them already. Anything here likely to eat up some of your gaming time throughout the next month?
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