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Ubisoft has just rolled out the content roadmap for The Division, the highly anticipated third-person shooter that drops on March 8th. While a lot of MMO-type games have a problem with producing end-game content, Ubisoft has already set out a year's worth of content to keep gamers coming back for more.

The company recently sent out a press release with a trailer that visually breaks down what gamers can expect from the free and paid expansions released over the next year, and you can get a glimpse of it below.

As pointed out on Shacknews, gamers who purchase The Division for $60 next Tuesday on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC, will automatically find themselves eligible to receive two free major expansions. The first will be called The First Incursion, and it's designed right off the bad to cater to those high-level players looking for good end-game content. The First Incursion will go live in April and will see players fighting “unstoppable enemies” to get a hold of some high-level loot.

The second free expansion will launch in May, just a month after The Division gets its first expansion. The second expansion is called Conflict, and it will add new play options and conflicts to the game's Dark Zone. This expansion will supposedly give gamers more to do in the Dark Zone as they battle other players, battle other NPCs and attempt to get a hold of some really good loot.

After those two expansions in April and May are released, the next three expansions are all paid.

Starting in June, season pass holders and those who purchased the limited collector's editions of The Division will gain access to the first paid expansion called Underground. This will see players attempting to discover what's happening in the sewers and underground tunnels of New York. The missions are supposedly designed for teams of four, as they will track down enemies who have scattered amongst the weaving underground network of the Big Apple.

Later in the summer Ubisoft will release the next paid expansion called Survival, this will pit players against an extremely harsh environment where survival becomes a challenge in itself. Players will have to battle against the elements and others while attempting to scavenge for supplies and deal with the with harsh realities of winter.

The third and final paid expansion for 2016 will be Last Stand. This will be made available late in the year and judging by the trailer it's like a tower defense mode where players will work with others to establish defenses around their base and fend themselves off from an onslaught of enemies.

The Division is set to release on March 8th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can look for the first free expansion to go live next month in April.