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John Romero and Adrian Carmack, the co-creators of DOOM, delivered on the promise of unveiling their new title. The name of the game? Blackroom. The first-person shooter has taken to Kickstarter to get its funding, with a goal of $700,000. The independently made title will be crowd-funding for the next 32 days.

The Kickstarter page went live with tons of details on the upcoming title. Blackroom focuses on a neural simulation from the fictional company Hoxar. The simulations from the company eventually begin to become dangerous and deadly. Players take on the role of a Hoxar engineer tasked with trying to fix the problem by journeying through different simulation scenarios, this ranges from Western towns to Gothic castles to sci-fi worlds.

Blackroom's plot is just a device to revitalize the old-school shooter genre that Romero and Carmack helped popularize during the 1990s, including releases like Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake.

Oddly enough, the concept of journeying through simulations, using high-tech weapons and hacking modules and being able to utilize things like rocket-jumping reminds me a heck of a lot of Daikatana, since you traveled through time in that game as well. The released a pitch video for the title where John Romero talks about hearkening back to the days of the old-school, fast-paced, first-person shooter genre, but unfortunately we only get to see some concept art of Blackroom but no actual in-engine demos.

Blackroom will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and will feature the ability for the community to mod the game, as well as a 10 hour single-player campaign, six different multiplayer maps, co-op, arena modes and one-on-one deathmatch, along with fully featured dedicated servers.

The Kickstarter page promises a DRM-free title for PC with a winter, 2018 release window. The concept of the game sounds a little bit like DOOM and Half-Life meets Timesplitters. I think the idea of traversing through various timelines and dimensions via Hoxar's simulation program sounds kind of cool, but the lack of any proof of concept demos or at least some kind of prototype gameplay makes it really hard to gauge what exactly Romero and the rest of Night Work Games are aiming for.

For instance, will the shooting be closer to Battlefield or more run-and-gun oriented like Unreal and DOOM? Will there be ironsights? Will the AI be adaptive and strategic like the original Halo or will they be bullet sponges like Borderlands? Or will enemies be target practice like in Call of Duty? There's a lot of questions about the gameplay, the mechanics and what sort of style they're going for with the play mechanics of Blackroom.

Hopefully before the Kickstarter campaign ends we'll get to see some kind of prototype of the title in action. If you're interested in learning more or supporting the campaign, feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page.

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