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Well it seems we’ve gotten a little more information on the newest installment of the Battlefield series. Microsoft leaked some art for the new game, indicating a title of Battlefield 1 and showing off a very detailed image with many clues as to what we can expect from the new game. You can see the Tweet below. 

There are a few different clues in this piece of art from the upcoming game. The first thing that catches my eye is the gun the character is holding. It’s actually a mauser and that style of gun was used from the 1800’s to the 1900’s, but the spiked club in his other hand appears to be a dead giveaway from World War I. 

Then if you look in the background of the art, you will see a zeppelin flying in the air. Zeppelins were used primarily as bombers and scouts in World War I. So hopefully this is one of the airborne vehicles players will be able to fly in-game. 

Then, if you look even closer at the art, you will be able to see an assumed release date of 10-18-2016. 

Interestingly enough, the “leaked” art is actually posted on Microsoft’s page which advertises the upcoming reveal posted for later today. It’s amazing how these big reveals get marketed so secretly, and then someone decides to leak information right before the reveal so now the news won’t be so shocking if we learn the next Battlefield will, in fact, take place in World War I. Or maybe sometimes the leaks are intentional to create hype around the event. So now everyone wants to watch the reveal to see if it’s true. 

I've always been more of a Battlefield fan over Call Of Duty, mainly because Battlefield challenges me. Call Of Duty, I can run in with guns blazing and get a good amount of kills in the round. But in Battlefield, you need to be cunning and strategic in the way you approach the enemy. I've tried several times to run in with guns blazing and it doesn't work very well. Plus, with Call Of Duty's latest reveal, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, getting a huge backlash of mixed opinions, it's only wise that Battlefield would come out with a massive announcement stronger than ever. 

If you’d like to watch the stream, you can do so at the Battlefield official website at 1p.m. PST and 4 p.m. EST. 

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