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Ahead of the game's Early Access release on May 10, Epic Games released a new trailer for their cross-platform MOBA on PC and PS4, Paragon. The trailer takes a look at one of the game's more creative characters named GRIM.exe, who is a robotic titan powered by a little troll on his back.

The video above was posted up over on the official Paragon YouTube channel, and clocks in at only a minute and nine seconds. However, the first half of the trailer is put together like a car commercial, where the soothing voice over and slow pans give gamers some tight shots of GRIM.exe's chassis.

We then find that the little troll on the back of GRIM.exe is what keeps him powered, as he winds up his external power unit to feed him the juice he needs to fire his cannon and literally eviscerate his enemies.

Given that Paragon isn't a typical MOBA game, it means that the combat is handled quite differently from other MOBAs on the market like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. For instance, with Epic's pedigree in first and third-person shooters, they brought that level of precision to Paragon. So in the case of characters like GRIM.exe, players will be able to trod through the various maps and blast down foes so long as their aim is true and their trigger finger is quick. It's not a matter of waiting on cooldowns or trying to build SP by farming mobs to unleash some devastating attack from a hotbar key, it's a matter of bringing your Gears of War and Unreal Tournament skills to the table to help your team put a win on the scoreboard.

The trailer doesn't focus too heavily on GRIM.exe's abilities, but we do get to see a couple of his skills on display, mainly that massive cannon that just looks like it wrecks anyone who gets in its way. Another skill we get to see is the quick-access energy barrier that appears to be able to stop projectiles of both an energy and physical based nature. It's interesting that they showed the shield stopping a direct rock throw from an opponent, indicating that it can be accessed on the fly and used to thwart incoming attacks at a moment's notice.

Paragon hosts a 15 different playable heroes, with the addition of GRIM.exe bringing the total up to 16. The game can be played on the PC or the PlayStation 4 and will be free-to-play. There are, however, Founder's Packs available so gamers can gain early access to the title before it enters Early Access on May 10. The Founder's Packs range from $9.99 to $89.99, and will be on sale up until May 9.

If you don't like Early Access or don't want to deal with Early Access, you can wait it out and play the open beta starting this summer for the PC and PS4. For more info on Paragon feel free to visit the official website.

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