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There has been a lot of talk about the PlayStation Neo ever since rumors ran wild from various sources that it was coming this year. Well, some additional reports are indicating that the PS Neo will launch ahead of the PlayStation VR.

IGN followed a bread trail of information through a number of different sources (starting with Boursier) that supposedly indicates that the PlayStation Neo will be arriving sometime within Sony's first fiscal quarter, which means that it's supposed to arrive no later than September of 2016. That would put it up and out on retailer shelves a month before the launch of the PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation VR is supposed to launch in October of this year, and they're expecting it to move quite a bit of product. It will be accompanied by around 50 games within its first quarter on the market.

The PlayStation Neo will supposedly open the door for a more powerful output from the PS4, guaranteeing that games will always run at 1080p and 60fps. Rumors state that there will be a “Neo Mode” that will allow developers to enable this mode to make their games higher quality on the PS4K Neo, but all games will be designed for compatibility with the standard PS4.

The “Neo Mode” will be available thanks to the PlayStation Neo's supposedly higher CPU clock speed, and a GPU that's the next step up in AMD's signature series. The upgrades will be utilizing the same architecture as the base PS4 model, so as far compatibility and usability is concerned, everything will stay the same, making it convenient and easy on developers, as well as keeping old PS4 titles compatible with the new PlayStation Neo.

Rumors also suggested that this new PlayStation console will be designed to help leverage the PlayStation VR. For those of you who don't know, VR headsets require a lot of processing power, and the current iteration of the PS VR is pushing the PS4 to its limits. The PlayStation Neo would supposedly give the headset a little bit more breathing room in how it runs VR software.

One other rumor was that this new PlayStation Neo would also open the door for 4K resolutions, but most technical wizards have shot down this rumor given the absurd costs required for a home console to generate the kind of power necessary to output games natively at 4K. Instead, rumors have it that the 4K moniker refers to video media and photos, with the option to upscale games to a 4K monitor or television.

Even with a slight bump up in its APU power, the PS4 Neo would only barely be able to run games at 2K. The 4K standard would be well out of reach.

There's a large portion of the community that happen to be very reluctant of the PlayStation Neo, as well as what Sony's plans are when it comes to pricing. The general consensus right now is that we'll likely find out how true all these rumors are when E3 rolls around this June.

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