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IO Interactive is taking a completely different approach to providing gamers with new challenges and targets in Hitman. They're extending the replay value of each episode with the Elusive Targets, and the next one for the Sapienza episode will go live on May 27, next Friday.

Eurogamer is reporting that the second Elusive Target for Hitman will be “The Congressman”. Players will have very little information to go on but they will be tasked with finding and killing their target before he leaves... for good.

Anyone who takes on the Elusive Target task will only have one shot at bringing down the target, and if they fail then there is no redo or a do-over or a second chance. The whole point of the Elusive Targets in Hitman is to give gamers something of a unique, one-off opportunity to prove how good they are at exercising Agent 47's skills under somewhat stressful circumstances.

According to the Eurogamer article, 53% of the people who attempted to take on the first Elusive Target in the Paris Showstopper map were actually successful. In the first episode of Hitman an infographic revealed that 9.9% of gamers who attempted to take down Sergei Larin, also known as “The Forger”, managed to do so with the Silent Assassin rating. The infographic also revealed that the first completion of the task only took gamers on average six minutes.

The Sapienza map is a little more dense and a little more varied than the Paris Showstopper map, so I do wonder if the time will go up a little higher or if some serious die-hard gamers will find a way to take out “The Congressman” within a similar time frame?

The Silent Assassin achievement took a little bit longer for the Elusive Target, clocking in at 34 minutes. So obviously being stealthy and avoiding any sort of detection took some serious planning and patience on the end of gamers who really wanted to do it right and do it smoothly.

For Hitman's second episode, I think Sapienza offers more variety in the different ways and locations in which a target can be taken out. So we may see some creative kills being employed on “The Congressman” when the mission goes live next Friday.

Square Enix and IO Interactive have been experimenting with this latest Hitman by breaking the game's release down into episodes scattered throughout the year. There's likely been a new episode each month, and this will all lead up to a complete package that contains all six episodes for $60.

Some gamers are okay with the breakdown in the levels, others feel as if the per-episode release breaks the immersion of enjoying the full game. A few more feel as if it's just the publishers trying to squeeze as much out of the game as possible. The sales for the title have been okay, with Steam Spy reporting that just under 200,000 PC gamers have picked up a copy. If there are equal or higher sales on Xbox One and PS4 then we're looking at close to 600,000 in total.

We'll see if adding a new Elusive Target to the line-up will further extend the sales of Hitman or at least keep players interested long enough until the third episode is made available.

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