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Looking for new targets to take out in the latest Hitman game? Well, good news, agents! The folks at Square Enix have announced exactly when the highly-anticipated Episode Three will finally be made available. Hint: You won’t have to wait much longer.

Today, over on the Hitman blog, Square Enix announced that Episode Three will arrive for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC come May 31. If you don’t have a calendar handy, that means you’ve got less than a week to prepare for your next super-sneaky mission.

The announcement states that full notes and launch timing will be revealed at a future date but, until then, they offered up all sorts of interesting details about where Hitman will be taking players next.

So now that you’ve worked your way through a fashion show in Paris and the wilderness of Sapienza about a million times, it’s time to head to Marrakesh to take on a challenge that Square Enix is calling “extraordinary.”

The Marrakesh map promises to be “teeming with life and things to do,” with the new location built to feel like a maze with plenty of interesting things to discover and, we assume, kill in creative ways. If you are feeling a bit claustrophobic in the marketplace, however, you can always make a break for the rooftops for fresher air and cleaner views of your next target.

You won’t stay outdoors at all times, however, as your next Hitman mission will also take you into the Swedish Consulate building where, again, we’re assuming you’ll have the opportunity to off all sorts of people in spectacular fashion.

According to the rundown, you’ve got two primary targets in the campaign mission, including Claus Strandberg and an army general by the name of Reza Zaydan. Yep, those certainly sound like folks in need of a proper introduction to your piano wire. Square Enix says that both targets will be tricky to get to but, once you figure out how to get up close and personal, they’ll both offer special moments that will allow the player to “dole out some poetic justice.”

Live content is once again going to be a big offering in Episode Three for Hitman, with the Marrakesh map set to provide a whole bunch of extra challenges and opportunities for players to make some fun of their own. As always, you’ll be able to establish or tackle player-made challenges, too. As an added bonus, Marrakesh will be the site of Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts that will be offered at a future date.

So there you have it, hitmen and hitwomen. There’s only a few days left to wait for Episode Three to arrive in Hitman, so be sure to wrap up your business in the previous locations and get ready to hop a jet to the crowded streets of Marrakesh.

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