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The Division: Underground

Ubisoft announced the first new major paid expansion pack for The Division. It will be launching as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One starting June 28. The new DLC will feature all new locations, new enemies and a new way to engage in missions.

During Microsoft's E3 press conference that took place earlier in the day, they announced that Ubisoft's third-person MMO would be receiving a major new paid expansion and that it would be coming first to the Xbox One, as reported by Gamespot. The paid DLC will feature an all new region to explore... the deep underground of New York.

Players will venture through sewer access tunnels, maintenance shafts and underground passageways that run throughout the under-half of the bustling post-apocalyptic setting of New York City.

The new locations are only as good as the missions and enemies that players face off against in those locations. So Ubisoft have been crafting missions to support the addition of this all new underground region in The Division. They briefly discuss what gamers can expect in the video that aired during the Microsoft E3 press conference, which you can check out below, courtesy of YouTube outlet MKIceAndFire.

The trailer reveals that many of the enemies that players faced off against throughout the main campaign of The Division have not all died off, but instead some of the more fierce opponents decided to pack up, take their gangs and move into the underground of New York. It's now up to agents to chase down these interlopers and make quick work of them with the help of a few teammates.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, The Division will also include randomized missions. This is a new feature for The Division that will see players being able to go on different missions that switch up the objectives and goals each time around, so there's something new and fresh to play no matter what your skill level is or where you are when it comes to the game's completion rating.

They don't detail if this paid expansion comes with brand new weapons or items not available in the standard game, but I imagine that if it's going to be paid DLC for The Division that it's likely going to have some kind of new loot for players to acquire. Otherwise, why exactly would people play just to venture to a new location and not get anything new?

Given that the DLC is set to drop later on in the month, expect more details on the new Underground expansion. This will be the first of three major paid DLC expansions set to release for The Division, so Ubisoft at least has a few more tricks up their sleeves when it comes to trying to retain the attention and patronage of console and PC gamers engaged in The Division.

Pricing details were not revealed for the Underground but it will be launching on June 28, first on Xbox One.

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