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This morning, Microsoft held their E3 2016 press conference and introduced an array of announcements from new hardware to upcoming games. But one of the biggest announcements of the press conference was the two new Xbox One consoles in development. And the Xbox One S (slim) is supposed to be smaller and more user-friendly.

Microsoft announced both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Project Scorpio, which is of course the more powerful and VR capable Xbox console (and claims it will be the most powerful console ever). While the Xbox One Project Scorpio obviously stole the spotlight, the Xbox One S had its own fair share of positive details.

As seen in the reveal video, the Xbox One S will be 40% smaller than its predecessor. It will also be what Microsoft called a "robot white" color, claiming that you won't be able to see dust on a glossy black surface anymore. Microsoft also said there's now USB port in the front so you don't have to go digging through all of your TV wires to find the USB port in the back and an IR blaster as well. And it will even have 4K capability.

The power brick, which is a part of the cord setup for the Xbox One (and a beast of a thing) has now been eliminated and will only need one simple black cord. The Xbox One S is all about being slim and user-friendly with no heavy and blocky additions.

While the Xbox One console got its redesign, the Xbox One controller wasn't left out either. The back of the controller is now a little grippy for a better feel when playing games, and the analog sticks have been better aligned for the hands.

So what's all of this pretty stuff going to cost you? The Xbox One S will be starting at $299 for a 500GB hard drive, but if you want a 2TB hard drive, it will cost an extra $100 at $399 and a 1TB will be $349.

Personally, I'm not too stoked for the Xbox One S. Yeah, it's great they wanted to introduce a console that's smaller and nicer to handle, but honestly Microsoft should've done this ages ago. To me it feels like they are behind the curve. When the PS4 launched their first console alongside the Xbox One, they already were slim and had one sleek power cord. I remember watching customers at Game Stop walking away with their new Xbox Ones in their giant GameStop bags and the poor bag was hardly hanging on because it was so heavy. We joked about it and called it a VCR, because it really was the size of a large VCR. In an age where consoles and phones seem to be getting smaller and slimmer, the first Xbox One was a strange design. And now that Microsoft has finally caught on, PS4 is already on to bigger and better things. While Xbox says they will have the VR-capable, more powerful Xbox One for Christmas of 2017, the PS4 is all ready to roll their PSVR out as early as this Fall. If Microsoft thinks the Xbox One S is going to compete with the PSVR and win, they are very mistaken. What's hot right now in gaming is VR, and PlayStation is riding that hype train with impeccable timing. But will VR still be all the hype 1.5 years from now? It's impossible to tell, but Xbox is taking the chance. But it's also a risk of falling behind PS4 yet again.

The Xbox One S is slated for a release in early August this year. For more information on the console, you can visit Xbox's official website.