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During the E3 conference Ubisoft unveiled the full Watch Dogs 2 gameplay mission where players control Marcus, a member of the hacking group DeadSec, as he infiltrates a high-security building. Gamers get to see what some of the new hacking tech and weapons look like in the game.

Comic Book posted the 11 minute mission where Marcus makes his way around the city and exercises some of his abilities to hack through a number of different objects, beat up people and utilize some of the vehicles and gadgets afforded to players in Watch Dogs 2.

We see that Marcus can access the security system pretty easily and use it to find out where guards and security forces are located. We also see that the little robot that Ubisoft teased previously -- enabling Marcus to hack into various systems -- comes into play as Marcus uses the robot in the Watch Dogs sequel to download information from the servers. Of course, the AI took note of the robot and decided to start looking around the map for Marcus.

One of the things that has changed this time around is how the AI and the NPCs react to players within the play space. Instead of every NPC being on high-alert and willing to drop you with a shotgun like in the first Watch Dogs, this time around the alert is a bit more realistic, with some of the security forces attempting to chase down and apprehend Marcus before elevating things to the next level.

We get to see that in Watch Dogs 2, melee combat plays a much larger role in the game, with Marcus capable of throwing down some mean combos on opponents using his tethered billiard ball, which must hurt more than any of us would like to know.

In addition to the melee, the video demonstration above also reveals that players will have access to the makeshift, 3D printed weapons in the game. These 3D printed weapons can range from being lethal to non-lethal. In the video above Marcus uses a non-lethal 3D printed tazer gun to faze enemies and take them out of battle.

For those of you with a penchant for lethal violence, Watch Dogs 2 still satiates that desire with the use of pistols, assault rifles and melee weapons. In the video demonstration above, you can see that Marcus uses the assault rifle to shoot out the window to get out of the building and start running away. He also uses the car within the building as a distraction, hacking it and causing it to blast out of the building and keep the security forces from closing in.

Watch Dogs 2 will also sport seamless multiplayer and an almost non-linear approach to story progression and advancement. Gamers will be able to take advantage of all these new hacking tools and gadgets come November 15th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. PS4 owners will gain access to DLC for the title 30 days ahead of the Xbox One and PC.

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