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If you've ever wanted to swim with the fishes, then Abzu is the game for you. This underwater exploration game landed itself a shiny new trailer for E3 2016, complete with an official release date of August 2.

Abzu is basically what you would get if Ecco the Dolphin and Journey had a baby. That makes a heck of a lot of sense, since the game comes from the team at Giant Squid Studios, which is headed up by Matt Nava. He is, of course, the art director for both Journey and Flower.

Earlier this week, Giant Squid posted a lovely new trailer for Abzu, which lets everyone know that the game is heading to the PlayStation 4 and PC on August 2. That means we've got less than two months to wait until we can finally plunge into the depths of this beautiful game.

In the trailer, we get some nice shots of a diver splashing about in the water, exploring vast structures and cruising alongside giant whales. Our diver eventually finds their way to what appears to be an underwater civilization full of intricate carvings and vast structures.

What follows is a montage of fast swimming sequences that show off a surprisingly varied number of locations. And yes, there are dolphins, too. The whole thing is capped off by the diver locating a device that has no business being at the bottom of the ocean, as well as that release date for the PlayStation Network and Steam.

This is the studio's first game, but it looks mighty impressive. The trailer's description states that your journey through Abzu will have you solving a mystery that has implications that resonate across cultures. And in case you're curious, the game's name comes from a combination of two super-old words. There's "Ab," which means "ocean," and "Zu," which means "to know." So the game's title quite literally means "To know the ocean."

It was a bit of a surprise that neither Abzu, nor any of the other upcoming indie games for PS4, made it into this year's E3 press conference. That's not to say that they didn't cram in a lot of great trailers for some big games, but they've been pretty good about sharing the limelight with indies these past couple of years and, this year, nada.

Still, if you happen to be at E3 this year, you can get even more of Abzu simply by showing up. Right at the entrance of the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, you'll find a large display showing off some Abzu visuals. Visitors can even step into a nifty photo area that makes it look like fish are swimming past.

But that's about as close as you'll get to the bottom until Abzu finally launches for PC and PS4 on Aug. 2.