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While E3 is known for being full of surprises, it was a pretty safe bet to expect a showing for The Last Guardian at Sony's press conference this week. And they certainly didn't disappoint, showing off brand new game footage as well as revealing an official launch date.

So it turns out that The Last Guardian will be in our hot little hands this fall, arriving exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on October 25. That's just in time for the holiday shopping rush, though, at this point, we doubt all of you folks who have been waiting practically forever for this particular title to finally come out will be able to wait past Halloween to play it, much less add it to a seasonal wish list.

The thing about The Last Guardian is that many folks had given up on it completely. Coming from the team behind the beloved games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, it was set to be the third in a series of games that, while not necessarily related, were at the very least spiritually connected.

The Last Guardian began its life in the previous console generation as a single screenshot of a massive chain leading into a hole. We later found out more details about the game, only to be heartbroken as the news turned grim. It appeared that the studio was having some issues and even folks from Sony needed to be brought in to help bring the project to completion.

In the end, though, it appeared that The Last Guardian had been quietly cancelled, despite the insistence from several folks in the know that it was simply taking its sweet time getting here.

A couple of years ago, Sony wowed the world with a very memorable E3 presentation that promised that The Last Guardian was still on the way. In 2015, a playable section of the game was shown off at E3. Then, this year, we got yet another wonderful trailer and a promise that its launch is just around the corner.

Since we had not really heard anything about The Last Guardian in the past 12 months, it was assumed that the game would probably not be making its 2016 launch window. This new trailer from the PlayStation press conference begged to differ, though, letting us know that it'll be out in just four short months.

Until then, we've got those lovely visuals posted above to keep us company. We still aren't seeing much in the line of gameplay, but so long as we get plenty of looks at that dragon-dog-thing, I don't think anyone is complaining.

We're hoping to actually get our hands on The Last Guardian this week at E3, so stay tuned for more details.

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