Another Game Got Ripped Off By A Chinese Developer, Get The Details

Not too long ago, we discovered that a Chinese developer had totally ripped off the game, Overwatch. And now, another Chinese developer has done the same thing, only for a different game.

As reported by GameSpot, the Chinese mobile developer, Nine Games, recently released a game called Runaway Graffiti, which outright steals artwork from the Wii U game, Splatoon. You can see in the screenshot below.

(Image credit: GameSpot)

The game even had a trailer up on YouTube, but of course with how great Nintendo is at policing YouTube, it's no surprise they immediately removed it due to copyright infringement.

Copyright issues in China have been a huge problem for the United States in the past. TheOverwatch debacle is just one of the examples of China stealing content from US games. There's a Kickstarter campaign for a console in China that stole designs from the PlayStation 4. You can see the image below and just how extremely similar it is to the PS4.

The worst part about this is since China has different copyright laws than the United States, there isn't really much we can do about the cheap knock-offs. Forbes has a great article on the entire copyright problem in China and why it exists.

While we will surely continue to see horrible knock-offs of bestseller games from the West, it still doesn't make the action right. All you can do is hope that the Chinese developers who steal the artwork of artists who work day and night to put the concept together, don't sleep well at night.