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The Pokemon Company and Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The trailer reveals even more Pokemon apart from what was already released in previous trailers, as well as a more rounded look at the combat and locations.

The two minute trailer that Gamnesia spotted covers various pocket monsters for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, including the new Tapu Koko, which is an electric fairy type. It looks a little like the offspring of a praying mantis, a phoenix and a butterfly.

One of the Tapu Koko abilities includes an electric surge, which layers the battlefield in an electric current. They don't go into further depth on how this skill can be utilized in a more tactical way, but they just roll out that Tapu Koko has the skill.

The trailer then moves on to one of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's transformation features, including the Grubbin evolving into a Charjabug. To be completely honest, the Grubbin looks more appealing than the Charjabug. The evolved form turns it into what's essentially a green-colored block of tofu... with horns.

Charjabug is a bug and electric type, but it can evolve into a Vikavolt, which is also a bug and electric type. It seemed to be a recurring theme with this particular Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer to include the electric types.

The trailer then moves on toward one of the other new Pokemon... a fluffy, strange looking creature called Drampa. It's a normal type of Pokemon that's also a dragon. It has berserk and sap sipper as its abilities. If I'm being completely honest... this thing looks awful. It's like one of the most goofiest looking Pokemon I've ever seen... and it's not goofy in a cute and cuddly way, it's goofy in a "Why would I ever want this on my team?" sort of way.

Anyway, the trailer spends all of 14 seconds on Drampa before quickly trying to rinse that image from the minds of gamers. It moves on to Bruxish, a new water and psychic Pokemon. It looks like it took its lips from the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion. The pascal-colored palette and fluttery fin designs gives it a creepy kind of look.

The trailer then quickly moves on to the next new pocket monster in Pokemon Sun and Moon, called Cutiefly. It's like Butterfree fused with a gnat. It's another bug and fairy type. On the upside it's at least cute looking opposite of Drampa. It has Honey Gather and Shield Dust as its abilities.

We don't really get to see the Cutiefly do much before the trailer whizzes to the next Pokemon named Togedemaru. If you took a beach ball, a mouse and Pickachu and put them in a blender and set it to "Smoothie" you would get Togedemaru. Keeping in tradition with many of the other Pokemon featured throughout the trailer, it's another electric type, but it also gets some steel abilities as well. It's two main abilities are Iron Barbs and Lightning Rod.

The trailer rounds out with a reminder about Zygarde's full transformations and that gamers can look for the Nintendo 3DS exclusives come November 18th when Pokemon Sun and Moon launches.

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