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*After a Reddit user leaked a ton of information, including the entire list of Battlefield 1 weapons, one YouTube channel posted a video showing off all of the weapons in action during gameplay---and some of them are amazingly brutal. *

If you skipped through much of the talking at the beginning of the video, it's important to note the YouTube channel, Arekkz Gaming, is using an Alpha build and were not able to show off all of the weapons, only the ones they were able to play.

What's great about this video is this isn't going to be like Battlefield 4 where you have your typical assault rifles, pistols and machine guns. The guns in this game are quite literally a piece of world history and to see them in action is so rewarding.

If you take a look at one of our previous posts, you can see the list of Battlefield 1 weapons that leaked onto Reddit. This gameplay demo doesn't include all of the weapons, but you still get an idea of what kinds of guns will be used in-game and what it'll be like.

I played Battlefield 1 at E3 this year and needless to say, the new old guns were a little for me to get used to. Battlefield has always been known for being realistic when it comes to the in-game weaponry, and Battlefield 1 will be exception. So yes, you'll have to account for the kicks and such with these guns in order to properly aim and take down an enemy. Needless to say, I wasn't ready for the small learning curve. But then again, I've never been as good at Battlefield as I am at Call Of Duty, mainly because Battlefield takes real skill to get good. In Call Of Duty, I can run in with guns blazing and have a good streak just by luck, dependant on a number of different factors. But there's no way you can do that in Battlefield.

I'm more interested in trying out the new melee weapons like the mace, because sometimes the knives get old and I'm not very good with them. At least a mace has a bigger surface area. But overall, the game played well and I can't wait to get back into the groove of things for Battlefield 1.

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