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Attack On Titan Reveals Information On Multiplayer Mode, Here's What We Know

Attack on Titan Multiplayer
(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

The upcoming Attack On Titan game for PC, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita and PS4 will have a robust four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. Gamers will be able to team up with friends to take on Titans across various maps.

Gamespot is reporting that Koei Tecmo detailed how the multiplayer modes will work for the Western release of Attack on Titan. They first break down the new Scout Mode, which will see a group of four players teaming up together to roam outside the walls of Trost.

The Scout Mode will have the group of four start at a camp where players will be allowed to change and upgrade their equipment, select and customize their character, as well as gather resources for the fight(s) ahead. It reminds me of the hub maps for Monster Hunter's multiplayer modes, where players get together to make sure they have everything they need before buckling down and getting serious as they venture out to face off against unfathomable monsters.

In this case, players will be able to venture to three different locations based on their appearance in the anime and manga of Attack on Titan. This includes the the Forest of Giant Trees, the Ruined Town and the Stohess District. According to Gamespot the last map was where the giant female Titan with her diamond skin is where she took out a bunch of scouts in their attempt to capture her.

Many of these maps are already present in Feng Lee's Attack on Titan Tribute Game, but for those that don't have the horsepower under the hood of their PC to run the free Unity title, they can experience those maps in the officially released version from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force.

The multiplayer in Attack on Titan is identical to what you would expect from a game like this. Players will have to work together in order to survive. The Titans will knock players out of the air, bite them in half, grab them, swap them, stomp them and crush them. However, during the process of being snatched up or before being bitten in half, it's actually possible for other players to swoop in and help their teammates. The game uses a multi-targeting system that allows players to direct and focus their attention on specific body parts of a Titan. Well-timed attacks can slice off the leg of a Titan about to crush a teammate. A fast-paced grapple swing can dice up the hand or fingers of a Titan who has someone in their grasp. And a stealthy slingshot dash past the nape of a Titan -- slicing it through the middle -- can incapacitate the Titan before they can land a devastating blow.

There's a lot of layers to the tactics in the combat of this game and hopefully Attack on Titan's gameplay mechanics and frame-rate hold up during the multiplayer bouts. Lag will likely be one of the biggest opponents, but hopefully Omega Force has some well rounded netcode to ensure that things play as smoothly as possible for most players.

You can look for Attack on Titan to launch for the Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PC starting August 30 next month.

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