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Pokemon Go

The release of Pokemon Go has managed to capture the hearts and minds of gamers both young and old. A lot of people are running around trying to catch them all, but server issues have prevented many from enjoying the experience. Well, the developers have finally responded to some of those issues.

The Pokemon Go team has been responding to some customers about the issues they've been facing, including the interrupted net services, the inability to login properly and some Pokemon getting stuck. According to the official Pokemon Go account, they're working on the fixes.


It's further noted by Game Informer that there are some frozen screen issues as well, where the game won't progress any further. Another issue involves Pokemon getting stuck at low health. This issue will occur toward the end of a battle, where the a Pokemon will be stuck at one health point and unable to be defeated.

However, one of the best technical issues to have is that there are simply too many people trying to play. I'm sure that's making the suits at Nintendo giddy with excitement. That's right, some people have had difficulty in logging in due to the overwhelming amount of traffic that Pokemon Go is suffering because of how popular it is.

This kind of situation aptly explains why Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs have been cautious in how they release the game in different regions and why they've been slowly testing and stress testing the game in certain regions.

Had Nintendo tried to go for a worldwide launch they likely wouldn't have been able to keep up with the traffic load. In this case, releasing the game in certain regions and slowly building up to the release in others helps cut down on service outages, login issues, and the development team being completely overwhelmed.

To help accommodate the amount of players putting in time into Pokemon Go, the official Twitter account recently acknowledged that they are adding additional resources to help alleviate the strain.

Game Informer is also reporting that the team has acknowledged that they will be branching out with Pokemon Go and releasing it in other regions soon enough.

Nintendo has seen a major spike in their shares following the successful U.S., and Oceania release of Pokemon Go. This earned the company near double digit percentage gains on their share price, which skyrocketed the overall valuation of the company and could help compensate for the lack of interest being generated from the Wii U.

So far, Nintendo has yet to put an official date on the launch of Pokemon Go for its release in Japan or the launch of the game in any other territory. However, Nintendo probably wants to get the game up and out in as many territories as possible as quickly as possible. They just have to make sure they fix all the serverside issues in the current regions before seeking to launch in new regions.

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