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Pokemon Go

With the surge of Pokemon Go happening across the nation (and even in places where it hasn't officially released), some businesses are getting in on the action to help lure potential customers to their establishment. In fact, that's what one pizzeria did in Long Island.

Gamespot is reporting that L'inizo Pizza Bar has briefly begun to cater their services to a frenzied Pokemon Go audience. How are they doing this? Well, they used $10 to buy an Incense from the cash shop and then activated it to lure in lots of Pokemon to their location. People from all over began to congregate at their restaurant to catch all the different Pokemon that were in the area.

Talking to the New York Post about the little $10 investment that netted them a supposed 75% surge in business, the owner Tom Lattanzio stated...

The amount of people has been astonishing [...] All day long, from afternoon to evening this past weekend.

If people were still piling into the restaurant well after the half hour was up from using the Incense, it gives the impression that maybe they used a little more than just one? This rings especially true if people were still piling into the restaurant all over the evening and weekend. Unless, of course, they're popping Incense like once a day to not only lure wild Pokemon to their establishment but wild Pokemon trainers, too.

It reminds me of back in the heyday when a lot of the young people would head to the diners and cafes to hang out instead of lounging at home on their phones and computers. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but a lot of people are finding themselves getting tons of exercise from using Pokemon Go and traveling around to different locations and finding new spots where they can collect Pokemon.

Niantic isn't numb to this news, though. They see a vast opportunity in financially leveraging the popularity of Pokemon Go at the moment and are working with chain establishments to host them as sponsored locations. According to Gamespot, one of these sponsored spots could be McDonald's.

This hasn't officially become the rule of thumb, though. These sponsored locations have yet to be announced and Niantic is likely still running tests and figuring out the logistics before making a big ado about sponsored hotspots in Pokemon Go.

The app has surged since releasing, getting millions of people to boot up their phone and head outside to catch wild Pokemon. It may be a fad for a short time but it's a very popular fad, no different than when Nintendo and the Pokemon Company introduced Pokemon way back in the mid 1990s. Nintendo definitely knows how to reinvent themselves.

In fact, Gamespot is reporting that some Hollywood studios are already looking to cash in on the popularity of the app by gaining licensing rights to the Pokemon movies. So long as there are no live-action attempts like that awful Dragon Ball film, I think they'll be okay.

Pokemon Go has also done a lot more for Nintendo than local businesses. While L'inizo's pizzeria may have seen a 75% surge in customer pickup, Nintendo has gained $9 billion in capital market valuation since Pokemon Go has released.

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