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One of the great things about Pokemon Go is how active it has seemed to make its players. In order to hatch a Pokemon egg, the app requires a number of kilometers the player needs to walk before the egg can hatch. But while you're out walking around anyways, there's an easy way you can make a difference for your favorite causes.

The app in question is called Charity Miles, and it works similarly to _Pokemon Go _in where it requires walking, but maybe with a more important purpose than hatching your next Pokemon. For each mile you walk, you make money for your favorite charity. You can check out the video below to get a better idea of how it works.

So while there have been numerous articles about how active Pokemon Go players have become, this could also be very beneficial for charities in helping to raise money. It requires no extra time or complex process to get it going; all you have to do is switch it on for the charity of your choice and start walking while simultaneously watching your egg or hunting for Pokemon.

But why even bother? The real question is: why not? Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm quite literally with mentions of it across all forms of entertainment, in the news and in advertising and in the media. Just as it was a sensation back in the 90's, Pokemon has been able to make a fierce comeback. And even though there have been accidental mishaps already with people who aren't that bright when it comes to staying safe, Pokemon has been able to help both people and animals as well. We recently reported that a humane society was using Pokemon Go to help dogs get the exercise they need by bringing players to the shelter to use their gyms and PokeStops and lures to hunt rare Pokemon and refill their items at the PokeStop while walking the dogs.

But by using the app Charity Miles, you can mindlessly help organizations raise money that support causes like the ASPCA, cancer, alzheimer's, hunger, veterans and more. In the app, each organization has an explanation of what they support. For example, if you have no idea what the ASPCA even is, it says right below the name "Protect animals." That way you can find the cause you most want to support and trade off each time you go out hunting Pokemon.

I think it'd be a great idea to have a huge charity get-together and have the group hunt Pokemon for charity by switching on the Charity Miles app. I wish I had known about this app before I got started withPokemon Go, but now I won't ever play Pokemon Go without it. I've walked so much already with Pokemon Go that it just sounds selfish to not have the app on and raising money for my favorite charity. I just don't know why someone wouldn't take advantage of this.

If you'd like to download the app, you can get more information on it at the official website and find the download links there.

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