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The advertising market is really taking a liking to Pokemon Go. The app from Niantic Labs and Nintendo's own Pokemon Company has managed to find its way to real estate listings, and some people are using Pokemon Go to help sell houses.

In a report over on CNBC, they detail how various homeowners are adding a little extra blurb to their home listings in the newspaper: they're letting potential rental or property buyers know that their area is Pokemon Go-friendly.

Real estate agent Jay Glazer has been trying to sell a $1.5 million apartment in Manhattan's Washington Square Park in New York City. He's attempted to lure in potential buyers by making it known that the apartment has some amenities... such as Pokemon.

Talking to CNBC, the 32-year-old real estate agent explained that not only does the expensive apartment cater to those with expensive tastes, but it also caters to Pokemon Go players, with Glazer saying...

I think at the end of the day the goal is to get as many people through the door and interested in the apartment, and ultimately, if there's a 'Pokemon' obsessed person out there who also likes this home, then we want them here, and this is the best way to attract them.

Glazer is a Pokemon Go player himself.

Pokemon GO

However, the numbers aren't entirely impressive for some open houses. Adding Pokemon Go to the mix only had a few extra heads turn up in some cases.

According to Glazer sometimes it's the little extra info that can help lure in a potential renter or home owner. A PokeStop or Gym being nearby their home could be a deciding factor in making the purchase.

The article doesn't end there, though. A lot of people are actually adding various Pokemon Go-related features to their listings in hopes of getting a few extra eyes on their property. Even CNBC admitted in their video report that they were lured to the story after seeing the popular app from Niantic labs popping up in listings as agents attempted to sell houses.

Economist Svenja Gudell from Zillow felt as if Pokemon Go was more novelty than anything long lasting and that if it did have an affect through advertising, it would likely be through rentals...

I think right now it has more than a novel feeling to it. I don't think people are expecting it to move the needle on any point, [...] It could be more of a phenomenon in rental housing than in for-sale housing.

It's interesting that some analysts think this is just the start of the Pokemon Go phenomenon, as it could end up being something that really latches onto and resonate with the millennials.

It would seem like serious house buyers wouldn't even bother with a listing that has Pokemon Go posted anywhere near the "features" list, but if some real estate agents are managing to lure potential buyers to their location then all the more power to them.

Things should get even more interesting once Niantic Labs introduces the sponsored locations for Pokemon Go, which they're expected to roll out soon.

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