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King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore is doing a very, very rare thing: they're releasing a demo for King of Fighters XIV. We all know how rare demos are, so the news was received quite positively when gamers found out they could take a few fighters for a test run in the upcoming fighting game.

Game Informer is reporting that seven of the 50 total fighters from King of Fighters XIV will make the cut for the demo.

The first of the seven playable characters includes Sylvie Paula Paula from Team Official Invitation, which happens to be a unique team with very interesting characters on it. Sylvie has an outfit adorned in eyeballs and was a failed experiment during the NESTS days (which in the lore of the King of Fighters dates back during the late 1990s). Sylvie's teammates include Kukri, who is a mysterious new fighter who seems to possibly have ties to Ron and Lin, a storyline that never really seemed to fully resolve itself. Kukri also appears in the story trailer as having ties to the main villains in the game. The last member on the Team Official Invitation is Mian, who is a performance arts martial artists, she stays covered head to toe in traditional Eastern opera garb, which is pretty cool.

I would have preferred if Mian was the one who made the cut in the demo since she has such unique fighting maneuvers and a cool use of her opera gear, but Sylvie made the cut instead.

Joining Sylvie in the demo is newcomers King of Dinosaurs, who is represented on the Mexico Team, along with Nelson from the South America Team.

Shun'ei is another new character in this year's King of Fighters outing and he will also be one of the seven playable characters in the demo. He has joined Team China, which has taken on a very different look from when they were around back in the 1990s. Team China used to house the psycho-soldier team who eventually turned into the Psycho Team, representing the psychics Athena and Kensou. It appears SNK wants to get the China Team back to its roots in some ways, bringing in Tung Fue Ru from the Fatal Fury series and the new character Meitenkun.

Shun'ei isn't much of a traditional fighter nor does he have any traditional Chinese kung-fu moves under his belt. He's much closer to the likes of K9999 from back in King of Fighters 2001.

From there the other three characters available in the demo include mainstays Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, and the protagonist and deuterogonist from the King of Fighters series, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami; the two rivals have been battling since the early days of The King of Fighters are back to duke it out once more.

I can't say it's the best selection of characters for a demo to represent King of Fighters XIV, but it's definitely diverse. You'll also gain access to a standard versus mode and a tutorial mode to learn how to play each of the characters.

The news about the playable characters in the demo was accompanied by a story trailer as well. You can check that out below.

The story trailer aired during this year's EVO 2016 event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. It gave gamers a little bit of something extra to look forward to for the game's release on August 23rd next month on the PS4.
The trailer also revealed that if you download the demo for the PS4 you'll gain access to a free PS4 dashboard theme.

Pre-orders have also opened up for both physical and digital copies of King of Fighters XIV, so if you order now you'll gain instant access to classic Kyo's outfit along with Nightmare Geese, which reminds me of an Akuma-tier level of Geese Howard.

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