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While the summer has proven to be GameStop's slower season in video games, Pokemon Go has given the store a reason to open its doors and welcome customers, and this weekend, GameStop wants you to go to your local store.

In order to promote sales and traffic in GameStop stores, GameStop has said that they will be dropping Pokemon Go Lures every two hours this weekend in participating locations. If you don't already know, Pokemon Go Lures can be set up at PokeStops and draw in not only players hoping to take advantage of the Lure, but also to help players catch rare Pokemon and maybe make a sale or two at the same time.

Over 200 stores across the country are participating in the event this weekend, and there is a list of those stores on GameStop's website.

GameStop has also said that they will be holding a special Pokemon Go event on August 1, but have not released any more details in relation to it.

Surprisingly, GameStop wasn't the first business to realize how positive of an impact Pokemon Go could have. Many other businesses have been using Pokemon Go to "lure" in new customers by dropping Lures (for those lucky enough to find their business by a PokeStop) and by advertising that their business is by a gym. When I went to the Santa Monica Pier last weekend and saw that Steak N' Shake, which is usually lower on customers, was jampacked, I didn't understand why until I saw there were three PokeStops situated on top of it. Customers would get food and sit down and constantly refresh their items from the PokeStops.

I worked at a GameStop back in my college days and I can tell you from experience, working summers sucked. It was incredibly slow because game releases seemed to slow down then. I honestly wish they had something like Pokemon Go back when I was working there.

So even though it took a little bit for GameStop to start utilizing Pokemon Go, they will be dropping Lures like crazy this weekend at participating stores. So check on the website for the nearest participating GameStop store and go hang out at your local GameStop to score some rare Pokemon.