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So it sounds like some Pokemon Go players don't mess around. One Las Vegas resident was apparently out playing the game recently and, when someone tried to rob him at gunpoint, it turned out the player was carrying a gun of his own and opened fire.

By now, we've all likely heard the story of the group of teens who, shortly after the launch of Pokemon Go, used the in-game lures to attract players and then rob them. But while that event happened in St. Louis, this latest incident took place in Las Vegas. Unlike those earlier robberies, though, it turned out one of the victims was carrying a gun of their own this time around.

According to a report from Big Story, this latest Pokemon Go incident took place in Gary Reese Freedom Park, a Las Vegas hot spot for Pokemon Go players that is apparently a good place to catch Magikarps.

A group of six Pokemon Go players who knew each other were out on a Pokewalk when an SUV pulled up and an armed man stepped out to rob the group. According to the report, the van was being driven by a minor. There's no word on whether or not the group was targeted based on playing Pokemon Go or if the criminals simply picked a big group of individuals who appeared too engrossed in their phones to put up a struggle.

But a struggle is exactly what they got. One of the Pokemon Go crowd drew a gun of their own and exchanged fire with the robber. The robber was struck, as was one of the folks in the Pokemon Go crowd. Both are being treated at a nearby hospital, though neither injury is life threatening.

The SUV in question was discovered at the hospital, so it sounds like the underage driver at least had the decency to transport the robber for medical treatment. Both the robber and the minor are being processed for their crimes. As for the Pokemon Go player, he has a concealed weapons permit and no further action is being taken.

The initial report states that the incident took place at just after 4 a.m., so at least it doesn't sound like this whole mess went down when the park was heavily populated. Still, maybe this can serve as a good warning to be mindful of when you're out playing Pokemon Go. Nobody should have to worry about events like this popping up, no matter what time of day it is, but that's not the kind of world we live in. Just be careful out there, folks.

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