There's A Pokemon Go Cheat That Makes One Item Last Longer

Pokemon Go

If you've been playing a lot of Pokemon Go, you've likely discovered that not only are some of the game's handful of items very useful, but some of them are also very scarce. Thankfully, there's a dirty little trick to get even more mileage out of one of the most helpful items in the game.

Pokemon Go isn't exactly drowning in inventory items to manage. You've got a few healing items for when you're doing battle, but the real stars of the duffel bag are items like Lucky Eggs, which increase experience gain, and Incense/Lures, which draw in extra Pokemon to catch.

We've heard all sorts of tricks and hacks to get more mileage out of Pokemon Go at this point, but Business Insider has the scoop on a trick that will get longer legs out of Incense without needing to download an extra app or tweak the game itself in any way. This little beauty works on both iOS and Android versions of the game and we imagine it will be fixed via patch at some point, so you might want to get to exploiting it while you still can.

Here are the steps to make this little bit of in-game shenanigans work:

1) First, while in Pokemon Go, open up your bag and use an Incense. Once it's on, you'll see a countdown clock on the screen letting you know how much time out of 30 minutes you have left before it disappears.

2) Before you reach the end of that timer, you'll want to minimize the game and go into your device's settings. In the Clock/Date options, go ahead and turn off the "update automatically" option.

3) Next, open up your clock and update it manually. The trick here is that you need to find a good range. Set the clock back too far and you'll kill the incense. Set it back to within the time you've been using it, though, and you'll extend its lifespan.

4) Finally, go back into the game. It turns out that the Incense item in Pokemon Go is based off of your phone's clock, so it will have added the time you just adjusted back onto the countdown.

So, with a little work and some super basic math, you can make an Incense last a long, long time in Pokemon Go, rather than the usual 30 minutes. Don't forget to set your clock back to normal when you're done, though, or you'll be late to all of your appointments.

If you've tried this trick out in Pokemon Go, be sure to let us know how it went in the comments section below. According to the buzz around the internet, folks are having lots of luck and catching lots of extra Pokemon with it. Heck, you could have some happy hunting without ever leaving the house.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.