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Blizzard Entertainment managed to hit it out of the park with Overwatch when the game launched back in May. The team shooter has consistently received new updates, and one of the new updates is part of the Summer Games event called Lucioball.

Over on Polygon they detailed how the new mode will work and how it ties into the Olympic summer games taking place in Rio De Janeiro. The Lucioball mode is an all new competitive, three-on-three soccer mode that sees players attempting to score goals using their team of Lucios.

The Lucioball mode features Lucio as the only playable character and he will skate around and ride the walls while attempting to score a point with the ball. Unlike his standard loadout in Overwatch, he will have his shooting mechanics replaced with a melee attack where he can hit the ball in a given direction. It's almost identical to the uber-popular Psyonix action-sports game, Rocket League. You get to briefly see the mode in action with the season Overwatch trailer below, which was also posted up over on the PlayStation Blog.

At first glance the arena for Lucioball looks kind of small, but in reality the ball is really huge and so are the goals. It will require a lot of teamwork to make the most of the mode and score points, just like in the team modes in Rocket League.

The Lucioball mode only has one map for now, so you won't have to master different layouts or designs to make the most of the mode.

The new mode is part of the seasonal event for Overwatch, which will run from August 2nd up until August 22nd, just after the summer Olympic games end.

The Lucioball mode isn't the only major feature in the update, though. Many of the characters will have Olympic-themed skins, such as Zarya getting a weightlifting skin, Tracer getting a track and field skin, and Lucio getting a soccer themed skin.

Additional taunts have also been added to the game as well, some of which include poses and actions mirrored after their Olympic counterparts, such as Symmetra twirling and spinning like a ice skater, or Bastion getting boxing gloves like an Olympic boxer.

The summer games for Overwatch will contain 100 different season loot boxes to acquire throughout the play period of August 2nd and August 22nd. Players will be able to unlock or earn special highlighted intros, brand new emotes, as well as Olympic themed sprays.

I can already imagine the Lucioball being highly popular now that it's made its way into Overwatch. I'm also curious if they have any plans on adding in any new maps for the mode if it manages to become hugely popular? I guess we'll just have to wait and see in future updates for the game.

Overwatch is available right now for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and on PC through Battle.net. The Rio Olympic games will get underway this weekend on Friday, starting August 5th.

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