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It looks like gamers were really excited for the Xbox One S, snapping up the smaller, generally better in every way, version of Microsoft's home console in record time. And one model might actually be gone forever, as it turns out.

It makes sense that a cheaper, more powerful Xbox One would be a hot ticket, especially for folks who have been holding off on buying a console from this current generation of gaming. The white Xbox One S, though, was a bigger hit than expected and is apparently sold out for good.

The Xbox One S launched across the pond in a limited supply and, as such, sold out pretty quickly. The thing costs about $350 and, along with being much smaller than the standard Xbox One, it comes with a 2TB hard drive. According to a report from Eurogamer, with the white Xbox One S already off of the shelf, there's currently no plan to replenish the stock of that particular hue for the console.

At the moment, the only Xbox One S 2TB that is available is the special edition model themed after Gears of War, which is blood red and boasts an extra 50 bucks on the price tag.

That's a real shame, since anyone who wants to "go digital" this gaming generation really could use that extra hard drive space. Only two years in and I've had to delete games from my 1TB PlayStation 4 a number of times.

Sadly, the news doesn't get any better. There will be additional Xbox One S models making their way to market, but they will only boast a 500GB and 1TB hard drive. We expect those models will cost a bit less than the 2TB white model and the Gears of War machine, but nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft at this point.

Again, we imagine that the popularity of the white Xbox One S has less to do with the color of the console and more to do with that extra storage capacity. Some games hit the market with a 50GB download size these days, and that's with the dang disc. As your collection grows, that space gets eaten up pretty quickly. Add in additional titles courtesy of services like Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus, and you're only going to speed up that process.

In the original report, a Microsoft spokesperson reported that the company is excited for the reaction it has seen for the Xbox One S so far and will be announcing details for additional models and bundles at a future date. If the 2TB model is doing so well, I can't fathom why they wouldn't make producing more of those models a top priority.

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