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Barring the obvious fact that emulation is a thing on PC, you may be able to play PlayStation games legitimately through Sony's own PlayStation Now service. And not only that, but you might be able to play some of Sony's popular titles on PC very soon.

Rumors (and that's exactly what they are) are spreading across various sites indicating that PlayStation Now will be made available for PC gamers using Windows 7 PCs or higher.

The news originated from Gamekult, a French gaming outlet that claims they managed to talk to sources close to Sony who confirmed that PlayStation Now would be made available on PC as recent as August 23rd, which would mean that Sony would have to make the announcement at this year's GamesCom.

After VG 24/7 picked up the news from Gamekult, they further noted that PCGamesN is also reporting that PlayStation Now will be available on PC. The site states that the service will roll out first for gamers in Belgium and then it will land in the Netherlands along with the U.K. Both Canada and the United States will receive the service a week later, which would put the launch date for PlayStation Now in America at August 30th, if the rumors are to be believed.

In addition to needing Windows 7 to run the app, gamers who want to make use of the service will need a cable, fiber or DSL connection that supports 5mbps or higher. Specs regarding the CPU, RAM or a graphics processor was not detailed.

Additionally, PlayStation Now offers a seven day free trial for gamers, but you will then need to pay $20 a month for month-to-month services, $45 for three-months of service, or $100 for a year's worth of service.

PlayStation Now boasts over 400 playable games, ranging from classics like BioShock and Assassin's Creed, to PlayStation exclusives such as the God of War trilogy, the Uncharted trilogy and the Ratchet & Clank games. This would effectively enable PC gamers to dabble in the PlayStation pond without having to own a PlayStation console.

PlayStation 4 titles such as Knack or Killzone: Shadow Fall aren't listed, but that's likely so that they can keep moving software and hardware for the fast-selling home console.

Of course, some PC gamers might question why they would have to go through the process of paying for PlayStation Now when they could just get PlayStation emulators for the PSX, PS2 and PS3 to play games they could easily purchase and dump onto their hard drive without worrying about a subscription model? Well, as far as PS3 games are concerned, not many of them work at full speed on emulation, so this is likely Sony's way of preemptively offering a software service ahead of the curve.

PlayStation Now certainly isn't an answer to PSX or PS2 emulation on PC, but it definitely gives Sony a leg up with PS3 and potentially PS Vita titles, especially following on the news that the PS Vita has been cracked.

Of course, PlayStation Now on PC is still just a rumor. We won't know if this is at all true until Sony makes an official announcement.

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