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After several days of image and video leaks seeming to point to the launch of a PlayStation 4 slim model, it looks like the new console might have a sibling piece of new hardware coming to market, too.

Throughout the week, several images of a PlayStation 4 slim model have made it onto the internet. Even a video has found its way online, supposedly showing the slimmed down piece of hardware booting up, to show off the fact that it is a legitimate piece of machinery and not just an elaborate hoax.

At this point, it seems like Sony is indeed gearing up to reveal a new model of the PlayStation 4, though not the more powerful Neo unit we've been reporting on for the past six months. But the rumor mill isn't done churning quite yet.

Over on Polygon, they posted a video earlier today showing off a new PlayStation 4 controller, too, this one boasting some minor changes to the model folks have become familiar with over the past couple of years. Don't bother looking for the video now, though, as it has since been taken down. Its disappearance actually gives a bit more credit to this latest rumor, as the reasoning is listed as being due to a copyright claim by none other than Sony Computer Entertainment.

If anyone wonders why security in the video game industry is so dang tight, it's because stuff like this still manages to get out on a regular basis. Sadly, one of the rarest joys in gaming these days is a legitimate surprise. I mean, the movie folks managed to make an entire Blaire Witch film and stealth advertise it by a completely different title for months before letting everyone in on the secret. In games, we can't even get a new controller without the thing being photographed, videotaped and caught smoking a cigarette behind an Applebee's before a legitimate announcement gets made.

According to the original post, it looks like the alleged slimmed down PS4 will come packed with this alleged new controller...Allegedly. So what's so different about this controller in comparison to the current model?

Well, for starters, the touchpad now has an indicator light shining beneath its surface. This particular light is actually on the current PS4 model, the one that blinks when you turn the system on. Other than that, the only thing that seems to be different is the color of some of the controller's components, including the D-pad, analog sticks, shoulder and face buttons. Those components are black in the current model and looked grey in this new build. When it comes to gaming, though, we're pretty sure it'll play Uncharted, Destiny, No Man's Sky and the rest of your library just like the current controller.

If you're hoping to hear some finalized details, then you'll want to mark your calendar for Sept. 7. That's when Sony is hosting an event in New York, where they're expected to talk about the Neo and, following all of these rumors, possibly a slim PS4 and new controller, too.

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