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At this point, pretty much everybody expects Sony to make some new PlayStation model announcements at its big meeting scheduled for next month. Games retailer GameStop has now chimed in on the matter during an earnings call, offering their prediction on the whole secretive console situation.

In short, it looks like Sony has a pair of consoles coming down the pipeline, including the confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo and the rumored PlayStation 4 slim model. The former is a beefed up version of the standard PlayStation 4, presumably with a bigger hard drive, more horses running under the hood, and improved performance for the PlayStation VR headset. On the other hand, the latter one has never even been hinted at by Sony. Folks started posting photos and even a video of a slimmed down PS4 and a new controller last week though, giving lots of weight to these rumors.

While GameStop hasn't been so bold as to confirm a PS4 slim before Sony makes anything official, they have stated that they expect all to be clear when Sony holds its big meeting in the PlayStation Theater in New York on Sept. 7. That meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. ET, so expect to put an end to all of these rumors and speculation by then.

For GameStop's part, they made a statement concerning the consoles during a recent earnings call, specifically saying that more information on the Neo will be expected following the Sept. 7 event. GameStop has already included expected sales of the console in their upcoming earnings, though nothing has been officially announced. But since they've already got it planned in earnings, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Neo get announced for sometime in the first half of 2017.

That would be really good timing, actually. Sony could announce the alleged slim model as an alternative for this holiday season, then begin 2017 with a bang as they roll out the presumably more expensive Neo model.

We're sure GameStop would love that set-up, too. The Xbox Scorpio isn't due out for another year, so a launch lineup like the one above would give them a new console to sell about every six months. It would also give all parties involved some breathing room for each of the listed consoles.

That is, of course, speculation. The point is, all anybody can do right now is guess until the Sept. 7 PlayStation meeting.

Until then, we'd be interested in hearing our readers' thoughts on the matter. Are you planning on picking up a new console in the next year? If so, which one and why? Do you think these new slim models are a good move when more powerful consoles are coming down the pipe? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.