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Telltale Games must be one of the busiest studios in the world. They have more game series currently running then we can even keep track of. However, the series that may be the most popular is still The Walking Dead. Fans have been waiting patiently for The Walking Dead Season 3 and this year at PAX West Telltale gave us a lot of new information.

Telltale Games hosted a panel at PAX West this weekend and while everybody was very careful to not give away anything that they didn't want to, there was still some significant information revealed by the assembled members of the of the team.

Walking Dead

The Game Isn't Called Season 3

The most interesting piece of news may have been something that we assumed we knew. The full title of the new episodic series is actually, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier. Telltale apparently felt that simply calling each new block of episodes a season was somewhat limiting. It appears that the plan going forward for The Walking Dead and likely other series as well, is to give each season a title that gives some hint as to what happens in the story.

Walking Dead

There Will Be A Significant Time Jump

The new title has to do with a significant shift that the game will take. We learned at the panel that the game is going to fast forward several years. The leap will bring The Walking Dead chronologically, and geographically, in line with where The Walking Dead comic currently is. Exactly what has happened to Clementine in the intervening years is unknown at the beginning of the episode. What will be clear is that something traumatic has taken place. In addition, while there will be plenty of zombies roaming the countryside, humanity has shifted focus. Society is at least attempting to rebuild and figure out how to move forward, rather than focusing on day-to-day survival.

There Will Be Two Playable Characters

In order to figure out what has happened to Clem, you'll have to get Javier, a new playable character to the series, to pull it out of her. The panel compared the relationship between Javier and Clementine to the relationship she had with Lee in Season 1, although, in this case, since Clem has grown up significantly, this will be more of a friendship between peers. Javi is described as a charming and charismatic character, but one who has arrived at this point in the story following a series of poor life decisions. Fans who enjoyed actually playing as Clem in The Walking Dead: Season 2 need not despair. Clem will also be playable and the game will shift between the two characters, similar to the way that Tales From the Borderlands managed two playable characters.

There Will Be At Least One Comic Book Cameo

While everybody was careful to dance around exactly who will be making an appearance, it was confirmed that somebody from The Walking Dead comic would be popping up in the new season. Since the new game will be taking place in the same place and time as the current comics, it could be a very recent character. While this wouldn't be the first time that a comic character made an appearance in the game, Glen showed up back in Season 1, as an example, but, for the most part, the game has tried to keep itself a separate entity.

It Will Be Out In November

Previously, Telltale had informed us that the new season would be hitting this fall. At PAX West, they narrowed down that window slightly. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series - A New Frontier will hit in November. That still gives us a 30-day window to deal with, but it likely means we now know what we're doing Thanksgiving weekend. We could be as few as 60 days away from getting our hands on the new title. We can hardly wait to see what has happened to Clementine.

Save Data May Cross Platforms

One of the things that make The Walking Dead games so good is that all of your decisions have consequences. The next season of The Walking Dead will be no exception. If you've played the first two seasons, then your save data will impact the story. However, it was also stated at the panel that Telltale is committed to helping you get access to your data, regardless of the platform you played the previous seasons on. This should be great news for anybody who played the previous seasons on the last generation of consoles.

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