Subscribe To EA Access Won't Give Players Early Access To A Major New Release Updates
Titanfall 2

One of the promises of the EA Access subscription was that players who paid out monthly for the service would be eligible to participate in betas and early access programs for upcoming releases. Well, one of the most highly anticipated games due out this year, Titanfall 2, won't be part of the EA Access early access program.

Over on the Electronic Arts FAQ page, they have a fairly plain exclusion list when it comes to early access for certain games. Well, technically they have an exclusion list for only one game. In the disclaimer section relating to the terms and conditions of subscribing to EA Access, the company plainly states at the bottom of the page...


That's right... for whatever reason Titanfall 2 is not eligible for early access for those subscribed to EA Access. But why? Well, the disclaimer points to the EA terms of service page, which only vaguely implies that sometimes not all the content will be available in all territories from EA's extensive library of titles.

It's a bold, risky and strange move all at once. Titanfall 2, alongside Battlefield 1, is being positioned to take down the current king of the first-person shooter genre, Call of Duty. It would seem like giving gamers every reason and opportunity to jump in on the action and get their friends to jump in would benefit EA when it comes to dethroning Call of Duty and cannibalizing the FPS market share. However, there could be a few other factors at play.

For one, they might not want people who purchased Battlefield 1 to leave the game early in an attempt to access the early release of Titanfall 2. Battlefield 1 is due out on October 21st and if they offered early access to Titanfall 2, then that would mean that gamers could then start playing Titanfall 2 a week before it's release, which would mean they could access the game on October 21st. If launching in the same month is already considered a risky move next to another huge AAA IP, then giving gamers access to a title a week early so that technically both games be accessed on the same day could be considered gambling in a game of Russian roulette, creating the possibility of snuffing out the hype and momentum of one game or the other.

Alternatively, there's the possibility that EA may possibly delay the game to give it a bit of breathing room at a later date and that's why they haven't included it in the EA Access line-up.

Given how stacked this holiday season's line-up of games are, it's almost impossible to tell exactly what the exact reason is for Titanfall 2 not being discounted or appearing as an early access title as part of the EA Access or Origin Access program. The only thing I can come up with is that they want to stack the cards heavily in favor of the success of Battlefield 1 taking out a lot of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's market share and then they plan on using Titanfall 2 to further dwindle that share as a backup. Of course, only EA knows the real reason for keeping the game off the EA Access palette.

You can look for Titanfall 2 to launch on October 28th later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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