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A PS4 Exclusive Is Making The Jump To Xbox One


One of this year's most talked about indie games, Firewatch, is spreading to Xbox One in just a couple of weeks, giving a whole new audience a chance to dive into its colorful, yet haunting tale.

The folks over at Xbox Wire recently announced that Campo Santo's Firewatch will soon arrive on the Xbox One, igniting its new platform on Sept. 21. This just goes to show that, unless a game is coming from a first party developer, you might as well assume that the word "timed" should be included in front of the word "exclusive."

This is, by no means, a problem. Games like Firewatch, might take a lot more time getting to market if it wasn't for timed exclusivity deals, and we're pretty much fans of any tactics that bring more games to market. Now that whatever terms Campo Santo had with Sony have been satisfied, we're stoked to hear even more folks will be able to take Firewatch for a spin. You can take a look at the Xbox trailer here.

This announcement comes to us from a post directly from the director, Sean Vanaman. He explained that, come Sept. 21, Xbox One gamers will be able to unravel the first-person mystery known as Firewatch for themselves, a bit of information he hopes will be received in one of three different ways.

Vanaman explained that he hopes Xbox One gamers who watch the above trailer are either delighted to have the opportunity to play the game, curious about what the game has to offer, or disgusted at the idea of a game set in an environment as dirty as the Wyoming wilderness. Feel free to let us know what camp you fall into in the comments section below.

As an added bonus for Xbox One gamers, Firewatch will launch with an Audio Tour mode. While playing the game, you can be treated to a running audio commentary from the director and dev team, giving you an idea of how the game was made, why certain things pan out the way they do, etc. It's a pretty rad idea that we'd love to see implemented in even more games, though likely not in, you know, 60-hour fantasy epics. For a shorter, more tightly directed experience like Firewatch, though, it make a heck of a lot of sense.

Perhaps the coolest feature, though, is the new free-roam mode that is being added to the Xbox One version of the game. After you tackle the campaign, this mode will simply set you loose on the Shoshone Wilderness, where you can explore the world with a dynamic night/day cycle and discover even more secrets hidden along the way.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.