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Destiny Rise of Iron

If you tried logging into Destiny: Rise of Iron this morning you probably ran into a bit of a server issue on the PS4 and Xbox One. The kind of issue that makes it impossible to play the game. Well, Bungie has been working all morning and afternoon to resolve the issue, so you can probably play the game now. Maybe.

Gamespot is reporting that after getting a lot of reports from gamers about not being able to play Destiny properly on all platforms, they decided to look into the issue. According to the article, there were messages saying that the servers were temporarily at capacity, indicating that lots and lots of players were attempting to log in to play the game.

Instead of getting into the game and enjoying themselves, they instead ended up in queues waiting it out as Bungie tried to fix the issues with Destiny's servers. Eventually, the company was able to get things sorted, sort of. They posted up a message on Twitter through the Bungie Help account indicating that Destiny's basic services were up and running.

While everything seems fine at first, as you scroll through the thread you'll notice that there are plenty of people who can now play the basic pre-ROI versions of Destiny but a lot of people attempting to buy Destiny: Rise of Iron and activate it are having trouble downloading it.

It amazes me that console games now need troubleshooting and loads of patches and administrative fixes in order to operate properly. One of the things that most gamers expect from home consoles is to be able to plop a disc into the drive or click on a game from the digital storefront and just play it. With each passing generation, there seems to be more and more challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks present in console gaming that you used to find only in PC gaming (on the upside for PC users, oftentimes server browsers can help alleviate the server capacity issues).

Various individuals on the Bungie Twitter thread basically had to acknowledge that they wouldn't be able to play Destiny Rise of Iron until they get back from school or work, postponing a bit of their morning fun that they had set aside for the launch of the highly anticipated expansion.

Those who regularly follow Destiny will know that the newest content pack contains an all new adventure centered around the lore of the Iron Lords, a group of highly skilled warriors who were wiped out by the Plague. Only one of the Iron Lords remain, but possibly not for long. The player-character is sent to help the last of the Iron Lords and fight off the Plague once more. This includes venturing to an all new frozen wasteland while battling new enemies and scavenging and looting for new weapons and armor.

For people who have been able to get in, they're likely enjoying themselves. For everyone else who has not been able to get in, they'll have to wait until some of the server activity for Destiny: Rise of Iron subsides.

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