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343 Industries and Microsoft have plans to continue to expand Halo 5 above and beyond where they've currently nestled with the Xbox One's first-person shooter. In fact, they've announced that they're not done with the shooter and fans can expect more to come out of 343 Industries for Halo 5.

Gamespot pointed to comments made by 343 Industries, who stated recently in their weekly report over on the Halo Waypoint website that there's still a few tricks up their sleeve...

We're not done just yet. Various teams here at the studio are hard at work finishing up a few different flavors of goodness, and we'll be talking about all of that and more in the near future. I am particularly excited about that part.

The last major update for Halo 5 featuring brand new content for gamers to wrap their mitts around was called "Anvil's Legacy". The downloadable content introduced gamers to additional maps, modes and REQ packs to unlock.

The report on Gamespot indicates that the consistent release of free and paid content for Halo 5 has helped it maintain a "strong" player base, which is absolutely essential for the eSports market and equally as important for the microtransactions.

They're also going to desperately need that player base if they want to build hype down the line for Halo 6. A lot of gamers lost confidence in 343 after finishing the game's story mode and realizing that there wasn't much of a story told. Worse yet, the threat of humanity seemed to be on the back burner as the new main character Agent Locke stepped in to go on a galactic space chase against Master Chief and the rest of Blue Team.

Some of the biggest criticisms were that 343 didn't lovingly introduce Blue Team the way that they deserved (and admittedly so, it's a very valid criticism for anyone who didn't read the books) and that the relationship Blue Team had to Chief was both undersold and underutilized. None of that compared to the rather lackluster fight Chief and Locke had, as well as the only major boss in the game being the Warden, who became increasingly annoying in each encounter. All of this was coupled with the fact that there was no longer a split-screen campaign mode, even though that was one of the staple features that helped make Halo as a series so popular.

Thankfully, the multiplayer for Halo 5 helped cull the disappointment that coagulated around the game's campaign mode. The Warzone modes and the asymmetrical battles helped reignite the dying flames for the wobbling franchise, and the continued support from 343 has been a boon to the Halo franchise. The added Windows 10 Forge mode wasn't a bad move either.

We'll see if 343's continued support will keep the fans entertained when they announce what new content they have planned for release in Halo 5 at a later date. For now, gamers can rest easy knowing that new content is on the way for the Xbox One exclusive.

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