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So how do you follow up a game like Destiny, one of the biggest hits and most unique shooters to ever hit a console? According to recent rumors, the answer may be to completely overhaul the core game and release it on even more platforms.

Over on Kotaku, they're reporting that quite a few intriguing rumors revolving around Destiny 2 are starting to pick up steam. To be clear, Bungie has not confirmed that new content for the original Destiny is wrapped up yet but, based on what we're hearing, Rise of Iron is likely the last big DLC for the game with a handful of special events planned for the next year. That would, of course, lead into Destiny 2, which everyone seems to think has a late 2017 launch date. We're being cautious here, but all signs seem to point to this being the road map for the team at Bungie.

According to the original story, though, there could be some big changes in store for Destiny 2. For starters, based on a rumor on NeoGAF and the writer himself, it looks like the next Destiny game will be available on PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That, obviously, makes a heck of a lot of sense. Some folks were surprised that the original Destiny wasn't launching for PC and, with last gen consoles no longer part of the equation, it makes sense that Bungie would want to develop for all big hitters and open their game world up to a whole new PC audience.

The real intriguing news, though, is that it sounds like Bungie is planning to make some big changes to the Destiny formula for their next game. Rather than simply continue with the way things work in the original Destiny, it sounds like the team plans to chop and screw things until they've got practically a whole new experience.

One of the major ideas apparently being kicked around is worlds that are "lived in," with outposts and whatnot established here and there, as well as towns and more diverse quests. That seems to be the theme we're hearing. That idea isn't too unlike the original Destiny, but it sounds like a step in a better direction. That's actually what one of the sources claims about the sequel; that The Taken King was Bungie's effort to change many small things for the better while the goal of Destiny 2 will be to overhaul the big stuff.

The rumor that's likely to cause some ruffled feathers, though, is that players might not be able to actually carry over their current characters. While we expect new worlds, missions structures and more, Bungie has been adamant up to this point that your character will follow you through the Destiny story. If that's not the case, we imagine quite a few folks will be very upset. We'd be interested in your take on these rumors in the comments below.

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