The PlayStation Experience has become an annual tradition for Sony these past few years, giving them an opportunity to leverage their lead in the current console race by giving gamers a look at newly released titles and upcoming titles. This year they have some special goodies in store, including an esports collaboration with Capcom.

According to IGN, the 2016 PlayStation Experience will take place in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. The event will start on December 3rd at 10am Pacific Standard Time and will run through the end of December 4th. The showcase will highlight where Sony has taken the PlayStation brand this year and where they plan to head in the near future.

One of the things that will be the focus of the event will be the Capcom Cup, as the company preps to get started for the new season of esports competitions centered around their premier fighting game, Street Fighter V. A new world champion will be crowned at the event, giving gamers a little bit of something to look forward to heading into the next season with EVO Japan and the Apex Tournament getting people hyped for the rest of 2017.

If you would like to be a part of the event, you will be able to get in on a couple of deals, including a two-day early bird ticket special that will be made available for purchase until October 16th for just $65. If you don't get in on the early bird special the ticket prices will take a $10 hike to $75. Alternatively, you can get single day tickets to the event, and attend on Saturday for just $45 for an all-day pass, or you can get a Sunday ticket for $5 cheaper at just $40.

You can also register for the event through the PlayStation Experience 2016 website, using either a new registration account or you can sign-in with a few clicks using your PSN ID. Either way, they've tried making it convenient and easy to get signed up so you can attend the event.

IGN previously reported that the event was coming based on leaks they gathered from a forum. However, Sony didn't let the leaks speak for them for long given that they made the official announcement about the PlayStation Experience for this year and gave gamers an opportunity to register early.

The event originally came to be back in 2014 when Sony held it in Las Vegas, Nevada and then followed it up with a 2015 showing in San Francisco, California.

This year's event doesn't have any itinerary so far, but it doesn't take much to guess that they'll be focusing on the PlayStation VR headset hitting this October. The VR initiative in the home console space -- the first since Nintendo tried it more than 20 years ago with the Virtual Boy -- will likely be front and center at this year's PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California. They plan on rolling out more than 50 games during the PlayStation VR's launch quarter and they're hoping to leverage the combination between the PSVR and the PS4 Pro given that the PS4 Pro has the actual hardware muscle to run PSVR games without as much of a struggle as the vanilla PS4.

At the 2016 PlayStation Experience, we'll also likely get to see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn leading up to its release, along with Gravity Rush 2 and other games set to arrive exclusively on PlayStation platforms.

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