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Conan O'Brien returned with another episode of Clueless Gamer, but this time he stepped it up a notch to help tone down on the game's over-the-top violence. How'd he do that? Well, by smoking a blunt and getting high with his wingman Wiz Khalifa.

The video over on Team Coco's website starts with Conan and Wiz talking about being a vegetarian and how good it is to eat your vegetables. Wiz does this while rolling up and smoking a blunt... because of course, why not?

Aaron then walks into the room to explain a little bit of the backstory on Gears of War 4, giving Conan and Wiz a little bit of a prerequisite on what they can expect from the third-person shooter from The Coalition and Microsoft.

While Aaron continues to explain the story of Gears of War 4, Conan proceeds to light up the blunt and the duo prep to hop into the game.

Be warned that the video manages to throw in some spoilers as it covers the early goings of the game and the latter parts of the story as well. I have no idea how long they were playing for, but they showcase one of the boss battles and (spoilers ahead) the ability to hop into mechs and battle against what looks like a modified version of the Brumak.

We don't get to see the mechs in play for very long because they move on to another scene involving motorcycles that actually looks pretty intense, and we've seen glimpses of it a couple of times in the trailers. It reminds me of the motorcycle sequence in EA's Everything or Nothing, which also featured a segment where Pierce Brosnan had to make a daring getaway with Shannon Elizabeth while racing toward toward a plane on an airstrip while henchmen tailed them from behind.

The video tries not to give away too many story elements, though. They avoid anything involving Marcus Fenix, even though Marcus has been featured in the promotional art and trailers quite heavily leading up to the release of Gears of War 4. I can't blame Microsoft for relying on a familiar face to help lure in the old-school fans who literally grew up playing the Gears of War series over the course of the last decade.

Outside of getting high, though, this particular Clueless Gamer episode wasn't especially funny. There wasn't much for Conan to joke about and he didn't really tear into the game like some other titles that were featured on the show.

I actually prefer the older Clueless Gamer episodes when Conan was allowed to just rip into a game, like Minecraft or Resident Evil 6. I loved the nonsensical review scores he used to give the games and his contempt for titles he just did not enjoy playing. The segment gets massive traction across social media, though, so it seems to be used more for promotional purposes than just an outlet for Conan to take digs at certain games.

To be fair, though, the segment above is still worth watching just for the fact that Wiz and Conan get high while playing Gears of War 4.

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