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Everyone's excited for Cuphead to finally launch soon, right? Hold up, don't answer that question just yet. It turns out the game is going to be a bit delayed, so prepare to do some extra waiting if you are one of the folks seriously eager to get your hands on this unique platformer.

The team over at Studio MDHR recently hit their blog with a bit of a bummer of an announcement. Cuphead, which many were expecting to get their hands on soon, has been pushed back. According to the announcement, the delay puts the indie title at an expected "mid-2017" launch window, so you might as well find something else to fill your time for the next six months or so.

We're only a bit sour because we've been pretty excited for Cuphead since the game was first revealed. Take the running and gunning platforming action similar to series like Contra or Mega Man, throw in a dash of creative mechanical ideas, keep the difficulty intact and wrap the whole package in graphics that make them look like some of the earliest animated shorts and you've got an idea of what Cuphead is all about. Every time we see the game in action, it only looks better and better.

But that's exactly why we're also not too upset about the delay, even though we really, really want to play Cuphead right-the-frick-now. We've said it many times in recent months as more and more games are getting delayed, but we always prefer for a launch to be right rather than right now. If the team needs more time to make Cuphead sing, we say keeping on with the tuning.

Since the look of Cuphead is pulled directly from 1936-era cartoons, the team was shooting to have their game ready 80 years later, here in 2016. As the delay announcement begins, it looks like they'll be celebrating the era's 81st birthday instead.

Confirming our belief that taking more time is always the better option, the statement explains that the developers even discussed trimming down the scope of Cuphead in order to guarantee a 2016 launch. They (thankfully) decided that would have been a bad call and opted to simply move the launch window to 2017 when it will finally hit Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.

The message is short and sweet, ending with a note of appreciation for all of the support the team has seen up to this point. There are quite a few comments on the post already, all confirming that Cuphead fans are a pretty rad crowd. It's clear the community is a bit bummed over the delay, but they seem to be in agreement that you only get one chance at launching a game properly and something this unique doesn't need to be rushed.

See you next year, Cuphead!

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