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This morning Nintendo officially revealed their next console. The Switch, as it is known, looks to be doing something completely unique in the video game space and many developers have come along for the ride. The reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch showed us a couple of potential titles that will come from 3rd party developers, but a new list shows that many more will be creating games for the new console.

The preview trailer for the Switch showed off Bethesda's Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as well as an NBA title from EA. However, most of the major names in gaming are included in this list put out by Nintendo. From Capcom to Square Enix to Ubisoft, development for the Switch will apparently be coming from all corners. In addition to the game studios, we also see support from the companies that make the engines and other core components that make games work, like Havok, Unity, and Autodesk.

At the end of the day, a game console is only as good as the games that get produced for it. This means that you need a strong family of companies making their titles for your system. While Nintendo has built a great deal of their console success on their own titles, there simply aren't enough of them for a console to be a success. Players need to know that there's going to be enough content for them to justify the purchase.

This has been a consistent issue for Nintendo over the last couple of consoles. While the Wii had no shortage of games, the vast majority were shovelware crap, and the system's lack of technical horsepower meant that developers had to design specific titles for it, they couldn't simply port of whatever they were working on elsewhere.

Of course, as the WiiU proved, sometimes even though developers may start out supporting a console, that can change very quickly. There was some solid third-party support for Nintendo's current console at first, but a lack of console sales meant that the WiiU wasn't a lucrative place for games. Dwindling third party support only increased the speed of the WiiU's crash.

However, the announcement trailer for the Switch may have shown off one of the most important publishers for the console. EA has not been a fan of Nintendo's recent products, the WiiU especially saw little to no support from the company. With EA listed here, it would appear that the company may have changed their minds. Time will tell when the first major EA title is announced for the system.

What do you think of the list of companies working with Nintendo on Switch titles? Is there anybody missing you'd like to see? Which upcoming games would you like to see on the console? Let us know in the comments.

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