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Even though the Nintendo Switch isn't out yet, they have already announced some new features are coming for the upcoming hybrid console. The news arrives shortly after the Nintendo Switch was officially announced back on October 20th.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo has some surprises in store for games when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, and they've teased that some new features are scheduled to go live ahead of the system's launch in March of 2017. They don't say exactly what the features are or how they'll work with the console, but they do reveal that they haven't let loose everything to the public just yet and there are still a few surprises left in store before the console and portable device is made available to the market in 2017.

Nintendo Switch

Nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that investors aren't really pleased with the Nintendo Switch, and some analysts have already said that it isn't very innovative, even though there are no current consoles on the market that can do what the Nintendo Switch can do. The modular controller configurations and wireless controller support makes the Switch a standout device, giving gamers the ability to wirelessly play their games with a traditional analog and face-button setup but then also attach the modular Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch itself and play games on the system while on the go.

The system also features something mobile devices don't offer: split-screen play. You can use the two Joy-Con controllers as a player one and player two setup. With the first controller controlling the left side of the screen and the right detachable controller commanding the right side of the screen. Nintendo teased the Nintendo Switch as being a perfect mobile compliment for those having to game on long commutes. A sort of perfect minivan or SUV traveling time-killer.

Not everyone is won over by these features, though. Some people think it's just another gimmick, others feel as if Nintendo didn't innovate enough, others say that Nintendo should have invested more in competing with the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, making a traditional console with just beefier specs.

The thing is, Nintendo has never really focused entirely on just playing the power game. In a way, both the Nintendo 64 and GameCube were their power game consoles, attempting to compete directly on a technological level with Sony and Microsoft at the time, but even then the N64 was focused on introducing gamers to analog controls. Previous to that Nintendo also played the power game with Sega during the 16-bit era and it paid off, but in between then they also tried their hand with off-the-cuff stuff like the Virtual Boy and it didn't work out so well. Since then they've tried focusing more on attempting to tap into untapped markets, such as motion controls with the Wii, and secondary tablet gaming with the Wii U.

They're gunning for a mixture of demographics with the Nintendo Switch, hoping to placate hardcore gamers with the docking station and hopefully provide some element of 4K gaming due to Nvidia's custom Tegra chip. They're gunning for casuals with the mobile portability of the Nintendo Switch, which should help lure in those who game on tablets and smartphones. It's a risky move, for sure.

However, Nintendo isn't done revealing new features for the Nintendo Switch, and the new features are what could help put the console over the top when it comes to silencing naysayers. We'll have to wait until 2017 to find out what those features are, though.

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