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Nintendo sure knows how to generate buzz. They've been generating plenty of it throughout 2016 with the Nintendo Switch and the near year-long tease of the hybrid gaming device. Well, all the questions surrounding the hybrid will be answered soon.

Starting January 12th, 2017 as part of a live-stream presentation, Nintendo will officially unveil tons of details for the Nintendo Switch for the general public. The news was obviously made apparent through the official Nintendo Twitter account where they're drip-feeding people tidbits of information leading up to the March, 2017 release of their new console.

The info on January 12th, 2017 will likely reveal a lot of the key questions people have had about the Nintendo Switch.

According to Gamespot, this will include the launch line-up, the price, and the console's specifications, which have been kept hidden so far. We do know that Nvidia is providing the GPU and that it's based on their Tegra line, and we can also gather that the system is powerful enough to run things like the remastered version of Skyrim and NBA 2K17, but one of the surprising things that we can also glean from the tidbit of available news out there is that with Epic Games on the list this means that the Nintendo Switch will support the Unreal Engine 4.

The developer support list reveals a lot about what the Nintendo Switch will be capable of, including Autodesk support for high-end 3D rendering, Havok for advanced physics-based technologies, and Unity Technologies for the latest iterations of the indie-friendly game engine the Unity 3D.

This could give the Nintendo Switch a very lucrative line-up of games for launch due to the fact that development accessibility and portability will be the make-or-break quality that determines how easy it will be to port games over from the PS4 and Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch.

Gamespot further notes that there will be kiosks set up in Japan, the United States, Europe and Australia in early 2017 to allow gamers to get their first hands-on experience with their new portable console.

This is a pretty bold move by the Big 'N' because it exposes them to early pre-release criticism if things don't quite work out as intended. They'll likely have the system on lock down to prevent anyone from running off with the detachable controllers, but the opportunity to experience the Nintendo Switch ahead of releases is a real show of confidence in their new technology.

Then again, Nintendo has always enjoyed taking a different route in how they connected with their audience, opposite of the more traditional marketing strategies that Sony and Microsoft employ with getting the word out about the PlayStation and Xbox brand.

If word of mouth is positive following the event in January (and a lot of it depends on specs and price), Nintendo will likely adjust the 2 million SKUs they plan on shipping out during the end of their fourth quarter in March. A lot of people are eying Nintendo and how they're going to approach the release of this new console given how badly the Wii U flopped. It could either be another Wii, and revolutionize the industry, or it could be another stinker like the Wii U.

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