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Final Fantasy XV

Is this day and age, we're not surprised to hear that a game like Final Fantasy XV is getting some post-launch DLC. What we are surprised to learn, though, is that the focus will be on online multiplayer. Say what now?

In case you weren't aware, Paris Games Week is going down and, wouldn't you know it, Square Enix recently held a press conference at the event. That makes a heck of a lot of sense, as they've got a ridiculous number of games to talk about at this point. From Hitman to World of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy XIV and beyond, they sure are cranking out a lot of titles these days. And that doesn't even include their bolstered mobile presence, either.

Anyway, during that conference, the big SE decided to drop some details about Final Fantasy XV's post-launch plans, including some premium DLC called Comrades which, according to Polygon, allows four players to go ape on enemies as a team.

So whether you've ever wanted to be a member of a combat-ready boy band or just run around the landscape of a Final Fantasy game with friends, it looks like the developer is inviting everyone to do exactly that. You'll be able to take on the role of Noctis or any one of his three traveling companions and, yep, team up on some classic Final Fantasy monsters.

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While pricing and a release date for Comrades has not yet been announced, we do at least know that the DLC will be included in the season pass. Square Enix has announced that said season pass will set you back $24.99.

As for what else is included in that season pass, it looks like Square Enix is taking the opportunity to better acquaint the player with the remaining members of the party. Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto will each get their own DLC adventure and, while we imagine they won't be extremely meaty affairs, it'll be nice to get some extra backstory on the gang. Also, if they're making everyone playable in those chapters, it makes perfect sense they'd plug them all into the cooperative DLC, too.

Final Fantasy XV has taken its sweet time in getting to us, undergoing several transformations in the development process. From what we've seen and heard, though, it looks like the wait has been worth it. Everyone seems to be touting FFXV as a massive adventure with an emotionally-charged narrative, so here's hoping it lives up to the hype. We can all find out for ourselves when the game finally launches on Nov. 29.

Until then, hit us with your thoughts in the comments below. Are you still excited for FFXV after a decade in development? Does this multiplayer DLC sound like a must-by?

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