Titanfall 2's Campaign Is Even Shorter Than We Thought

One of the things that people have moderately criticized Titanfall 2 for is a short campaign. Even though it's short, it's also praised for being relatively creative and chock full of fun. Well, it turns out that the campaign is even shorter than we thought now that speedrunning videos are popping up.

The video above is a speedrun of Titanfall 2, clocking in at a very, very impressive one hour and 42 minutes and 51 seconds. It's the personal best from YouTuber DraQu, who is known for speedrunning through games with extreme skill. DraQu is the same mind behind the hour and 16 minute Ultra-Nightmare speedrun in this year's Doom.

Originally the campaign forTitanfall 2 averages around five hours of completion time. If you're really good most people have been able to burn through the campaign roughly in just under four hours. The platforming segments are always the ones that really get people, especially that gosh-darn dreadful part at the satellite beacon station.

To get through the game as quickly as possible, DraQu skips through as many of the cinematics as possible. He breezes through the tutorial in ways that would make Spider-Man jealous. The ease of which he bounces off the walls and exploits the wall-runs and double jumping is gracefully impressive.

The way he clings to those walls and leaps from one segment to the next makes Titanfall 2 look like a wind tunnel with ballet dancers on the wall.

One of the more impressive feats is how he picks off the shots with ease and glides through the Titan segments using BT with the sort of speed and smoothness that one would expect from a rollerblader on a marble floor.

Instead of fighting the enemy soldiers on the ground, however, he just steps on them and runs over them all. By the time he gets to Ash's makeshift training facility he cheeses through the area with a nifty exploit and heads on to the next area.

By the time he gets to the beacon station -- one of the harder segments in Titanfall 2 -- he moves through the control room like a boss. He uses the invisibility to get past single enemies but he interestingly enough uses a combination of the shotgun and the remote detonators to take out groups of robots. A couple of shotgun blasts and a detonator kills them off quickly.

In a way, given the game's complex design and smooth as butter platforming, you can see how he just slides and glides across some of the most difficult platforming puzzles with pure ease. He even comments on how the movement in the game is "extremely satisfying".

Respawn put some serious time into Titanfall 2 and it really paid off. Seeing the speedrun is just very, very cool because, in a way, it's almost therapeutically relaxing. I know it's a odd thing, but just seeing the way Cooper moves in the game and how free-flowing the movement is creates this kind of zen atmosphere.

One thing that DraQu mentions throughout the run is that firing while falling prevents you from losing momentum. So oftentimes he has a shotgun, one-hitting guys in the head while jumping or wall-running, which keeps the flow of movement intact. Very impressive stuff.

While Titanfall 2 may not be winning on the sales charts right now, it's definitely the more entertaining game to watch when it comes to speedruns.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.